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Holysteed Rider (Photo + Custom Skin+ Model + Concept)

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Well the last post was a FIASCO.

Anyways in this post I'm attaching the concept plus the skin and how it should look (the horse)

Concept (for the horse)

Skin comes included (I need the UV Pathing to be done again, I'm only using the Horse on the texture and there is a lot of unused space).

HighElfPegasusKnightBody + HighElfPegasusKnightFace (the face is not modified, We are not using it but it is needed to watch the model in the WC3Viewer -or ingame-)


High Elf Pegasus Knight Rider

Brown Pegasus Rider

Angel Spear


I want the Brown Pegasus Rider as a Hearthsteed Human unit, but the horse doesn't match my purpose, nor does the footman or the spear. The idea IS:

A) Modify the horse from the BROWN PEGASUS RIDER to use the horse from the HIGH ELF PEGASUS RIDER (animations are quite much the same).

B) Make the Pegasus Horse look like the concept sketch ABOVE

C) Change the wings from the Pegasus horse and make them fully TC and Additive, if you need a skin for them I can create it, but I doubt it is necessary. The tail should be TC and additive too.

D) Change the footman for a captain, with a long blonde tail instead of the short footmen one in the helmet. Add a TC Scarf for the footmen.

E) Change the spear used by the footmen in the model for the Angel Spear I provided.

FINALLY: Add a built in portrait (with a camera) it doesn't have to be anything special, it is a flying unit anyways, but if you create something awesome good then.

If you need any skin or support I will provide it. Also if in a future project you need a skin I will create it (You help me I help you)
Not open for further replies.