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hoihoi8s Custom Hero Survival v1.21

Submitted by hoihoi8
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
New! Forums:

There are lots of hacked versions on battle.net. Make sure you get the latest version from here.

Special thanks to Airandius from the HiveWorkShop.com forums for converting the load screen to a smaller size.

for older versions, visit http://www.nibbits.com/wc3/maps/

- All Minor Skills Upgrade To Level 20-
- All Ultimate Skills Upgrade To Level 3-
- Players Will Receive 300 Gold and 200 Lumber Between Each Wave.
- All Players Have 7 Skill Slots So Choose Wisely.
- Original Map By Briza187, fsmc07a, CDRbaby
- Based off Custom Hero Survival 8.0

fixes for 1.21 2/10/08
- Nerubian Seer no longer has melee damage upgrade
- text fixed for skills command: Rain of Chaos and Essance of Blight work properly.
- you can get Rain of Choas on random now.
- You can no longer get chemical rage on random which causes a crash
- Health potion cost reduced. Mana poition cost reduced. All potions contain 4 charges.
- New Items: Helm of Valor, Hood of Cunning, Medallion of Courage
- only 1 dood man final boss spawns no matter how many players. His stats were boosted slightly. Game ends when he dies or timer runs out.
- Spells added to enemies
- Most spells have mana cost increased to minimum of 50 at higher levels
- Summon Hawk lvls 1-9 spawn a hawk that does damage
- Item: Spell shield removed from Heart of the Wizard Lord Zy
- Added feature: Random hero
- Spirit Walker lost Corporeal Form ability
- non-melee heros have range modified. In general, chaos range heroes have range of 550, normal & hero type 600, and all others 650


Favorite Builds

MY FAVORITE BUILDS: (note-I usually buy a skill up to lvl 20 before getting the next skill)

Build Name: Lightning Shield Fun
Hero: Str Hero (seige Panda has most HP)
Items: Items: 6 Dark Elven Guantlets
Items Late: 6 Arthus Armor
Tomes: All STR
Skills in order bought: Finger of Death lvl 1, Lightning Shield, War Stomp, Holy Light, Divine Shield, Drunken Haze, Unholy Aura, Finger of Death

Build Name: Summoner
Hero: Ranged Agility Hero
Items: 1 Striker Star (for aura), 4 Arthus Armor, 1 Tri-Mage's Orb of DragonKind
Tomes: All Manual of Health
Skills in order bought: Lava Spawn, Phoenix, Infernal, Tranquility, Summon Hawk, Avatar of Vengence, Doom

Build Name: Critical Striker
Hero: Melee agility hero
Items mid game: Anhk, Mask of Death, 2 Agility Sword, rest gloves of haste
Items late game: 1 Tentacle Whip, 5 ultimate cleavers
Tomes: Most AGI, some Manual of Health
Skills in order bought: Melee Aura, Drunken Brawler, Holy Light, Cleave, Critical Strike, Roar, Reincarnation, Reincarnation

Build Name: AOE Paladin
Hero: Melee Strength Hero. I like Earth Panda, since he gets more STR overall
Items mid game: Anhk, 5 Dark Elven Guantlets
Items late game: 1 Silencer, 5 Arthus Armors
Tomes: All STR
Skills in order bought: Blizzard, Divine Shield, Holy Light, War Stomp, Rain of Fire, Evasion, Reincarnation

Build Name: Exploding Melee
Hero: Melee agility hero
Items mid game: maybe an Agility Sword
Items late game: 1 Silencer, 5 Tentacle Whip
Tomes: Mostly AGI, some Manual of Health
Skills in order bought: Melee Aura, Vampiric Aura, Incinerate, Cleave, Holy Light, Pulverize, Critical Strike

Build Name: Heavy Damage Caster
Hero: Melee intelligence hero
Items game: 6 Heart of the Wizard Lord Zy
Tomes: All INT
Skills in order bought: Shockwave, War Stomp, Mana Shield, Fan of Knives, Thunder Clap, Carrion Swarm, Immolation

More builds to come



V1.00 10/30/08
-All spells rebalanced. In general AOE was nerfed, single target buffed.
-New spells added: Resurrection, Shockwave, Inferno, Cluster Rockets, Soul Burn

fixes for V1.01 11/02/08
-All spells: Most spells rebalanced. Instant win spells nerfed. Underpowered and underused spells buffed
-Fixes: resurrection works properly
-New spell: defend, pulverize
-Removed spell: battle roar
-New individual bosses after group bosses. Have a single target spell ready.
-Almost all tool tips updated and are more helpful
-The hard chaos enemies can't spawn in rounds 1-3
-Final level summons received chaos damage

Fixes for V1.02 11/04/08
-More spell and skill balancing
-Spell added: Dispel Magic
-More enemy types. Went from 33 to over 100
-Ness can use barrage now
-Force of Nature - since there are only 4 trees in arena, final level summons 4 trees. Thorns aura added
-Carion Beetles - skeletal mages removed from final level

Fixes for V1.03 11/12/08
-More spell balance
-Spells added: Feedback, Ensnare, Raise Dead, Envenomed Spears
-Removed repick cheats
-Changes a few hero models

Fixes for V1.04 11/14/08
-More spell balance
-Number is units between levels is based off of round number instead of hero level
-Firebolt removed from Salamanders
-Spells Added - Rejuvenation
-16 more enemy units added
-Item: Tri-Mage's Orb of DragonKind - Frost Wurm attack and defense now updrade with creeps, attack speed increased, attack increased, HP increased
-Tooltips now include ability incompatabilities

Fixes for V1.05 11/18/08
-More spell balance
-Spell Added - Charm (Note: On a rare occasion, if you charm the final enemy of the wave, you may have to kill him to trigger the round over.)
-All showroom heroes are now level 10
-Number of skills is really capped at 7 now. You can no longer buy passive skills and have them work if you already have 7 skills.
-Resurrenction and Infernal give back the right ammount of wood when retrained
-jumbled text fixed

Fixes for V1.05a 11/18/08
-added more conditions to the round ending code. Shouldn't get stuck anymore.

Fixes for V1.06 11/19/20
-Bugs Fixed: Charm (and all the bugs it caused like getting stuck after a round)
-Spell added: Roar
-Regular summoned units now get small attack upgrades. (less than half of enemy and ultimate summons)

Fixed for 1.07 11/20/08
-Spell Balance
-Spell added: Faerie Fire
-Bugs Fixed: fixed a bug where skills wouldn't level up if you had 7 skills
-All enemy units have at least 200 mana. Some spells added to enemies.
-Bug fixes: Frost armor now autocasts.

Fixes for 1.08 11/21/08
-spells progression evened out some
-Spell Added: Pocket Factory
-enemies between rounds removed except for bosses
-all boss except giant wolf have spell shield
-spell immunity removed from rock golem and war golem. Now have spell shield
-added attack sfx to heros without them

Fixes for 1.08a 11/21/08
-Hydra can not spawn randomly before lvl 40

Fixes for 1.09 11/22/08
-Death Coil fixed
-Avatar of Vengence Fixed
-Spells Added: Acid Bomb
-Siege Heroes got additional primary stat bonuses
-XP gained by heroes upped by 5%
-Enemy damage increases decreased slightly

Fixes for 1.10 11/23/08
-difficulty slightly decreased: Enemies only upgrade once at 15 instead of twice. XP gained increased slightly.
-upgrade for enemy attack speed accidently was 10x the correct ammount. Attack speed now only goes up 20% per upgrade instead of 200%
-Vampiric Aura now works on all enemies

Fixes for 1.10a 11/23/08
-Vampiric Aura fixed

Fixes for 1.11
-Difficulty increased, last version was to easy
-Spells nerfed: banish, divine shield, Stomp
-Spells buffed: wind walk
-Consumable items and starter items repriced. Tome of Knowledge added.
-All bugs with retrain should be FIXED

Fixes for 1.12 11/24/08
-Magic attack removed from all enemies
-Spells added to enemies
-Spells nerfed: Mana shield, spiked carpace, thorns aura
-Spells buffed: Barrage
-Tome price raised 10%

Fixes for 1.12a 11/25/08
-Players 2-12 tp back to the shop area after rounds

Fixes for 1.13 12/07/08
-Spell rebalance
-Spells fixed: Healing Wave now heals targets past 1st target.
-War Stomp, Fan of Knives, and Thunder Clap now all effect mechanical enemies
-Major overhaul of damage system. Enemies now only gain 6 armor per tier instead of 50. Enemy HP increased per tier. Melee enemies gained a Melee Evasion skill so they aren't pushovers.
-Life steal percentages dropped to accomodate more damage being dealt per hit due to lower armor.
-Agility Heros: Agility per level decreased. Str per level increased. Attack speed per agi point decreased. Armor per agi point decreased.
-Str Heroes: HP regen per str slightly increased. Agi per level increased.
-Seige enemies: splash damage removed. Minimum attack range removed.

Fixes for 1.14 12/10/08
- Heroes that are undead are now tagged Undead. Use Death Coil as a heal spell instead of Holy Light. Both these spells work correctly now.
- good riddens transmutate. We have to wait no more.
- New Spells: Devour Magic, Lightning Shield

Fixes for 1.15 12/19/08
- more spell balance
- Howl of Terror stats fixed
- New items and some item re balance
- XP gained increased slightly
- Melee evasion slightly decreased
- All enemies have 1500 mana to make Mana Burn and Feedback useful spells
- more Incompatibilities added to spells
- Incinerate tooltip fixed.

Fixes for 1.16 12/21/08
- Due to popular request Evasion removed from all enemies. Enemy HP adjusted to compensate.
- New scoring system.
- 2nd through 12th now receive some gold depending on your place finished.

Fixes for 1.16a
- Scoring for 6 through 12 now works correctly
- Impale stun reduced to 5

Fixes for 1.17
- Spells Added: Spirit Link, Bloodlust, Hardened Skin, Invisibility, Disease Cloud, Steal Spell, Pillage, Elune's Grace
- Spell balanced: lower levels of blink nerfed, AOE of Devour Magic made smaller, Stun of Infernal reduced, Pulverize buffed, final level Treant had HP increased, Berserk damage taken increased, Life Drain and Mana Siphon buffed
- Only 1 of final boss summons, regardless of number of players. Final Boss slightly easier.
- XP gained slightly increased
- Mana of Faceless One Terror reduced
- attack range of Maiden of Pain and Fel Orc Kodo reduced
- Bosses between rounds now have a 5 second spawn delay
- All Heros have the same animation length (set them all equal to just below Demon Hunters default)
- New terrain in bottom right corner of the arena's. No more teleporting pads.

Fixes for 1.18
- NEW: Random spell option! If you choose random spells you get 300 extra gold per round.
- More Spell balance
- New Spells: Firebolt, Cloud, Web
- Range and melee enemies now have seperate damage upgrades. Melee now does more damage per upgrade. Collision size of melee creeps increased and set back to default.
- Several enemies received fortified armor
- Final Dood Man boss and attack cut in 1/2. Hp reduced 25%.
- A few heroes got Fortified armor. A few get increased stats, but get heavy armor.
- Elune's Grace bug fixed. Hero attacks now deal 100% damage instead of 0%

Fixes for 1.19a
- The game doesn't end before the final boss

Fixes for 1.19
- Charm buff - Charmed units now give gold and xp in addition to being charmed
- Spells added: Stasis Trap, Essense of Blight
- More spell balance
- 40 damage per second added to earthquake.
- When picking random spells, melee heroes can't get Frost Arrows, Trueshot, or barrage. Range heroes can not get Melee Aura, Cleave, or Vampiric Aura, pulverize
- Doom guard summon's attack upgrades now
- Mirror image bug where all enemy units would explode should be fixed
- Game ends properly if you survive the final boss, but do not defeat him.
- Load screen added and preview screen to match
- New command: -skills <player number>. For example to see player 1's skills type -skills 1

Fixes for 1.20
- Locust swarm tooltip fixed
- Spell balance: Animate Dead nerfed, Stampede AOE reduced, bash buffed, Siphon Mana buffed, Heal buffed, Voodoo now makes caster invulnerable also (length nerfed),
earthquake slightly buffed, Fighter's Fury buffed, healing wave buffed, Wind Walk damage buffed, dark ritual buffed, death coil buffed, orb of annihilation buffed, treant HP buffed, Searing Arrows buffed, Charm buffed, Life drain buffed, Disease cloud buffed, Elune's Grace buffed, Pulverize buffed, essance of blight buffed, Drunken Haze nerfed, Finger of Death buffed, Tornado buffed & no longer channelling,
Cloud nerfed,
- Melee heroes can't get Orb of Annihilation, Black Arrows or Searing Arrows on random
- No hero can get Dark Ritual or Death Pact on random
- Draenei Seer enemy replaced by Furbolg Ursa Warrior
- Range enemy attack slightly decreased
- New Item: Arthus Armor
- small thorns aura added to Plague Treant
- Hopfully the gold specs all over the ground that cause lag have been removed
- These single target and utility spells now only cost 75 wood per level: Firebolt, web, slow, fairie fire, curse, spell steal, entangling roots, hex, ensnare, shadow strike, storm bolt, sleep, dispell magic, devour magic, mana burn
- Skills command now gives the spell level and says "(random)" if the player chose random
- Removed disabled triggers from the map to save space
- INT heroes with lower HP got increased INT progression
- New Spell: Rain of Choas
-Banshee and Lobster hero switched out
-All enemies now have 0% hp regen

Upcoming for V1.22
-More map balance
-Your ideas and balance issues!

Custom hero survival

hoihoi8s Custom Hero Survival v1.21 (Map)

08:54, 3rd Feb 2009 MasterHaosis: Approved. I like your huge map description. Huge to read, but useful. Map is nice and fun, lot of Hero skills, more balanced than in previous version. Good job.
  1. cibus


    Jan 24, 2013
    This map is fun even if its community is sort of stale minded. Derp anyone who doesn't pick barrage/cleave is a noob. How is a person a noob for picking builds that are harder to win with? Well that's pub logic I suppose no point in arguing.

    I think tomes should all cost the same 175 for all of them. If your worried about agility being op having attack speed/armor/damage set the attack speed agility gives to .5 per point of agility instead of a full 1% attack speed. Difference being 800 agility will be max attack speed instead of 400. Attack speed is about 20 lumber away and armor isn't all that powerful. I've seen 6 arthas armor carrying heroes die before.

    Boss Drops: Switch it to the arena boss who drops items. I'm sick of some clown running around with 6 stars or 4 killmains or grabbing 2 tent whips. Seriously what's the point of the final boss dropping items? Or worse yet bosses are killed right on top of shops and nobody gets items.

    Change their drops:
    Instead of star giving 25% true shot giving straight 25% damage back to melee attackers (no thorns aura). If done right stacks with thorns and spike armor... Although a build doesn't have to go those.

    Mageswrath: Roughly same numbers as Killmain but instead of lifesteal how about an aura that decreases spell resistance. Spell like builds seem to taper off greatly at about this stage of the game. This item will give more appeal and hopefully speed up the rate they're able to kill creeps.

    Demonic Whip: Tent whip colored red, instead of plain lifesteal how about an active lifesteal like dota's satanic. I don't know I'd like to be able to run a feed back + poison build every once in a while but it's damn hard with all these life steal items being dropped and no mana bosses... Sell a 3000 gold item for 1500 pff no thanks.

    Crazy ideas: Turn a couple of skills into global effects
    Trueshot Aura: Be nice if your a melee with range summons also free's up a skill slot if they can survive.
    Melee Aura: Same reason as true shot also speeds up the rate others are killing creeps.
    Endurance Aura: Starting to see a pattern here?
    Unholy Aura: Auras are to be shared
    Vampiric Aura: More auras please!
    Battle Roar: Buffing allies helping them kill units faster encourages team work rather than d-bag team killer.
    Tranquility: Helping an ally survive go team work...

    Free's up skill slots if they survive and allows one to pick lesser used skills. Encourages team work rather then some A-hole killing his/her allies because they're too slow. The number one complaint unconventional builds get is they're killing too slow

    I doubt anyone will read this wall of text but I figure I'd put these ideas out there any ways
  2. player 2

    player 2

    Sep 6, 2012
    Also dude, did you know that there's backstabbers in the game as well? When a player hero attacks another hero until their dead after 1 ankh is gone? ggs

    Did you also know that when a player changes their difficulity (affects HP), that someone goes and gets bash skill and stun you until death? (ggs). Better watch your back some games, cuz they will do that.

    Current version right now on Battle.net East/West is by hosting bots: v2.08

    P.S. There's a faster way of killing lvl 40 boss without the bash skill. do you know what that is, huh dude?
  3. player 2

    player 2

    Sep 6, 2012
    Hey man, how soon are you gonna make some changes to Custom Hero Survival?
    What should ya give the hosting bots proper versions of this?
    Alot of changes & heros need to be made? same with bugs/glitches and tricks?
  4. GywGod133


    Jul 16, 2012
    This map is easy to survive in SOLO PLAYER :ogre_hurrhurr:
  5. player 2

    player 2

    Sep 6, 2012
    Ummm, are you referring to playing offline or online as in solo player for this map?

    1. Cuz if your playing offline, then it depends on which difficulity your setting it too. Also, which hero skill building (by lumber), and what hero your using? Do NOT think this map is easy to play on. Unless you'd be using cheats & play single player mode than that's being a newb or so nooby lol.

    2. If your playing online with other users, then in the 1st point, depends on 3main things: (hero), (hero skill building), and (difficulty). Dude, how dare you think this map is easy? you also should know by now that theres a lot of fake CHS version maps out there. No clue which one is being used atm.
  6. cibus


    Jan 24, 2013
    Its pretty much the same online or offline... The only difference is offline you don't have back stabbers and vote kickers to worry about. Pretty much the freedom to do whatever the hell you want without the retard dps builds on your ass for taking too long to clear a round.

    Although for a challenge try defeating the game with 10 different builds. By different builds I don't mean running the same 3-4 skills (aka berserk, dps aura, cleave/barrage) in all 10 of them. Bonus points if you can do all 10 of them in hell mode.
  7. player 2

    player 2

    Sep 6, 2012
    Ok. true. playing this or any wc3 map offline or online is the same concept.
    2. True. there's no back stabbing or vote kickers to worry bout. But your forgetting that even playing online still, there's back stabbers and votekickers as well. LOL bonus points.
    3. The only reason why they take so long to clear rounds is cuz a lot of ppl don't know how to skill build well with their heroes. Only very few actually RANDOM their skills with their heroes & not make it far past Round 20 (if lucky idiots).
    4. Your right about 1 point tho. Beating the map with 10 different skill builds and not the same skills would be a great challenge (even on hell difficulty mode). But you'd be only proving yourself solo mode (not battle.net users).
    5. Online playing is a different story cuz how often do you ever see a map like THIS being hosted online? and how often will you see ppl join & wait for a map like this to start? NONE. cuz for your information, UCW and ENT host bots will not host it. TO host a map such as this, gotta hella host it YOURSELF.
  8. cibus


    Jan 24, 2013
    I don't know when I host this using ents private hosting it fills super fast. Although they're also connected to garena and probably a couple of other platforms so that kind of helps. I do run into a lot of smart asses who make themselves grow super big and 1 shot everyone (they're obviously using cheat pack hacks) and of course team killers. But hey that's the risk of playing chs I don't even think there's a map around now or days that isn't hacked in some form or another.

    My golden rule of thumb if you only have time for one game play to win. If you have time to play more then one game play them for fun. Unless its dota in which case they're all play to win and curse the effin crap out of your noob wit allies :ogre_rage: :ogre_love::grin:
  9. player 2

    player 2

    Sep 6, 2012
    Hmmm, well maybe you have better luck playing this during the day or night in timezones, cuz the way I see it is, pplz will join for whatever map they like to play. Some will play chs, some wont. For garena users, it depends on their timezones as well. Cheating and team killing shouldn't be allowed in the 1st place. TO play a map like this "CHS" is about strategy, skill building, and teamwork. As far as growing big is concerned, it's quite simple really? it's a avatar trick. I been using it too. it's not hard, just gotta be smart about it. Even at times, when skill building, the 7th skill never works and your stuck with 6 skills only. Nowadays, gotta be careful when playing with teammates, never know who's hacking, team-killing, or just bored & leave game. This also includes noobs, newbs, or being pro & then backstabs.

    The bottom-line is, this map needs a lot of fixing bugs/glitches/hero changes/items/etc; & needs to be hosted more, if pplz are interested in play this, dude. I suggest to noobs/newbs practicing this map offline, b4 coming online and playing this with real pros (who know what to do in this situation of custom hero survival map).
  10. LimitingBounds


    May 12, 2016
    looooooong time bump, but killing those Sasquatches with the Reincarnation skill let me finish a round with them twice...in two different places.:p