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Hopefully the final version!
metal areas improved.
if you have any complains just comment them below and hopefully im able to fix it!

this is the first skin i post here! enjoy people!
the main use for this skin was a Goblin Mutant Ogre A.k.a Hobogre. but it can be used as any purpleskinned ogre.

if you want to apply the skin to a twoheaded ogre or some other ogre, follow the paths bellow

Twoheaded ogre warrior:
Ogre magi:
Twoheaded Ogre lord:

Edit: Improved skin (or atleast i think i improved it :p)

ogre, hob, hobogre, beast, goblin, mutant

Hobogre (Texture)

THE_END: Looks good, I wish that you didn't use white as the highlights on this, but good nonetheless




THE_END: Looks good, I wish that you didn't use white as the highlights on this, but good nonetheless
Level 5
May 20, 2013
Hmmm... i would really like to use this skin, but i just can't seem to get the import to work. ;(

EDIT: Ok, finally got it to work. Completely exiting the editor seemed to help a good bit.

Well, after seeing this skin in game, here is what i have to say. i don't mind the purple skin -in fact, i rather like it. I don't mind the green eyes -it's kinda cool! But the thing that ruins this skin for me is the green horn & green tusks. It just doesn't work here -especially if he also has green eyes.

The other problem i have here is the armor & weapons. I don't care for the color choice of grey to begin with, but they don't just look grey, they look forgotten. Especially how the whole outfit is uniformly grey.

Again, i don't mind the huge expanse of purple on the body -i find it pleasing. But i think you lost the opportunity to adjust for the plainness there when you left his gear so drab looking.

Just my opinion of course, and no one has ever hired me as an art critic, so take it for what it's worth -which probably isn't much! ;)
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