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Hiveworkshop's Prayer Meeting (Suggestion)

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Level 14
Jan 7, 2017
Hiveworkshop's Prayer meeting!
Suggestion by Wardota2 Gamer

Hello again Hiver's! I have a quick suggestion....And this includes praying

While here in hive a lot of people has been sticking around playing but what if we add a Prayer Meeting? Where we can share our prayers to god and well you might be asking why a prayer meeting? Because it is important to have time with god than always play...Maybe others forget praying so we must create a prayer meeting to all the Hiver's !

And this will only occur every Sunday which is the Day to Pray and Communicate to God!

Just remember that we need to talk to God Pray to him and let him clear our sins.Don't focus too much in playing or whatever your doing, because you will forget who god is, so that's why I think this would be a nice suggestion....

Say Amen if you believe in Jesus Christ....

Still I would still be the one handling the Prayer Meeting


Map Reviewer
Level 71
Jun 4, 2009
Please do not propagate Christianity or any other religion or philosophy. If you want to talk about these things, there's the Off-Topic for it. This has nothing to do with the site or Warcraft for that matter...
If you want to pray, do it. It doesn't matter where you pray from. It's a spiritual thing, it's boundless.
This thread is hardcore spam.
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Shar Dundred

Community Moderator
Level 73
May 6, 2009
Yes, let us disrespect people who either follow a different belief or do not believe in a god at all to spread
Christianity because DEUS VULT.
Splendid idea!
^That was sarcasm, btw, if you didn't catch my drift.

Still I would still be the one handling the Prayer Meeting
Special no.
You are quite funny, in your own special way.
Once you suggested the addition of a Campaign Moderator - and wanted to be the one yourself, ofc.
Now you suggest a "Prayer Meeting" - which, btw, everyone who follows a belief can do in the gathering places
of said belief. You ever heard of churches, mosques, synagogues, temples and whatever they are all called
for all the other beliefs? Hell, a person also does not need to go to some "meeting" to pray to his

Anyway, you now suggest a "Prayer Meeting" and again want to be in charge. It is quite obvious
that you simply want a position that'd make you any "special".
If you are trying to gain a "special position" in a community, contribute to it in meaningful ways and
actually become a member worth of notice by your deeds not by yet another weird idea of yours.

As a man who considers himself rather faithful, I feel even more offended by your idiocy and
ignorance than I'd do otherwise.

Goddamnit boy, stop being such a dimwit.
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