Hive Keeper / Native BJ Descriptions for JASS Development

Level 29
Jul 31, 2010

About the Game:

Dig underground tunnels, build rooms and attract creatures at your service, then use your army to annihilate your enemies. Each room has a different use and can attract a specific type of creature, so it's up to you to build the best hive possible. You can even build traps or research new spells to improve your defense capabilities.

This map is freely inspired by Dungeon Keeper 2 but all the game will be transported to the starcraft universe. That means that all DK units, rooms and spells will be converted in SC2 units, giving them similar roles and abilities as they had in the original game.
For people who don't know, Dungeon Keeper was one of the most in depth strategy game created by Bullfrog in the old '90s.

Gameplay Features:

- Use your drones to dig and build your perfect underground hive/dungeon
- Attract different creatures researching and building new rooms types
- Full featured creatures AI that allows them to eat, sleep, train and work autonomously if you provide them the needed rooms
- Each creature has different a different abilities and can level up fighting or training
- Quickly drag and drop your creatures where they are needed, you can even slap them to increase their work efficiency
- Research and build traps to welcome any intruder that dares to step into your territory
- Research and use spells to quickly destroy your opponents or support your army
- Play in different game modes, against waves of invading heroes or against other keepers
- Full featured playable tutorial

Game-based Media:

See The Images/More Videos here: LINK

Hosted Project Forum: LINK
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VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! For a Notepad++ work for vJASS Development

:fp: User Nestharus suggested that we must help him complete a set of Native/BJ Descriptions for Notepad++ for it to be a better vJASS environment.

About the need of assistance:
In order to progress Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 development, non-GUI coding should be moved from World Editor into a text editor such as Notepad++. To achieve this, common World Editor coding features, like autocomplete with function hints and highlighting, should be created.

Notepad++ uses two xml files, the styler and the autocomplete. The styler is used for highlighting and the autocomplete is used for everything else.

The project is a c++ program that takes user input and outputs the autocomplete xml file. The highlighter has already been finished.

Users will put data directly into the program and then the program will run and output everything. There are around ~2000 functions that need to be plugged into this program.

The autocomplete will include: function name, return type, parameters, parameter descriptions, and function description. Many of these descriptions will come from thehelper wiki.

A parser can't be used due to the requirement of descriptions. Everything that could be parsed has already been parsed. There is a list of functions with missing descriptions.

The community should really get involved with this project as it can't be done by a small group of people.

By supporting this project, the JASS Class can be reformed to work out of notepad++ and various tools to link jasshelper up with notepad++ can be created.

To contribute to the project, simply reply to the thread with how many functions you are willing to work on. You will receive a pm with a list of functions to do as well as what files they come from and a link to the first function's wiki page so that you can cnp descriptions if there are any. Be sure to fix any incorrect descriptions. If you are unsure about a function, you can always reply saying that you don't want to do it and it can be thrown back into the pool of stuff to do.

Keep in mind that \t (tabs) do not work, so pure spaces must be used. Text wrapping also doesn't work, so \n should be used (try not to go past the dashes).

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please support the project:ap:
For more Information about the vJASS work and the thread itself, please proceed here: LINK
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