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Historical RPG

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I play warcraft 3 since a while, but I've never seen maps about historical events. Yes, there are a lot of maps about medieval time or world war 2, but most of time you can do whatever you want. The historical background is just there in order to create the athmosphere of the period. In other words, the history storyline is not really follow.
Maybe playing a RTS requires freedom and reflexion for the player. That's why the game can't be stiff, or the game will be boring. However, I would like try another concept, maybe more appropriate, : an RPG about an historical event.
I explain myself. You control an important historical character. You follow his adventure, his battles, his companions... Thus you really feel the athmosphere of the period by embodying this person. I think that Joan of Arc or Hernan Cortes can be good for this project.
For the moment, it is just an idea and I would like to know your opinions about it. Thanks.
Actually, I already map when you control an army with your hero. You can see them on epic war. They are about the one hundred war. However, they are in french.
I was more thinking about the idea that your army follows your footsteps. You lead them, but don't control them. In other words, you have auras which help your allies. Your presence can motivate your army.
Besides, you can interact with other important characters (like Motezuma for Cortes or la Hire for Joan of Arc). That's why I think this map can be play by only 3 or 4 players max, due to the triggers. Anyway, tell me if you think there is something with that.
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Apr 6, 2010
(using the Joan of Arc example):

The two armies would be controlled by AI, but you could have a small group of bodyguards with your hero (la Hire, de Rais...)

Maybe you could do it in several steps: Opening cinematic is Joan getting the vision, next step is getting her equipment, then the journey to the king through hostile territory without being detected. After that, the scene with the king, then the battle of Orleans.
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