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Hippy Wars!

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Jun 19, 2011
This is my first attempt at a WC3 multiplayer map. It took me a little under 2 weeks to produce. It's FAR from finished and still has many bugs, but I decided to post it here to get some feedback, bug reports and suggestions. If you have any decent ideas you are most welcome to help, and will receive proper credit. I will continue to update and edit/repost the map here as this project continues.

The idea behind this map? You are a hippy. You live in a treehouse. You use your awesome spiritual powers to summon various units to defend said treehouse from incoming colonists. And you buy deeds from your local realtor to send various colonists to your enemies. Simple enough, right?

[Currently] (v0.6a):
- Support for up to 8 players, 4 per team
- Only 1 hippy selection
- Your hippy has a level cap of 50
- 7 different types of colonists
- You are constantly "linked" to a maximum of 2 opponents, simultaneously
- Colonist spawns occur every 30 seconds from a randomly chosen location (out of the 2 "linked" locations)
- You can buy a deed from your local realtor, stand in the desired gate, then left-click the deed to add those colonists to your enemies' spawn pools
- Most summons can level up to 15-20 (Still a few bugs, though)
- Summons include Bears (Damage), Porcupines (Air/Ranged), and Lobsters (Tanks/Walls)
- Your hippy can also learn short-range teleportation (up to level 3, increased range for each level, good for getting out of tight situations)
- Your hippy can also learn Stampede/AoE (good for clearing the way, especially when trying to send more enemies to your opponents)
- Your treehouse can move/attack, and your hippy will always revive next to it 30 seconds after death

- Bug fixes
- More BALANCE!!! (Totally open for suggestion, here)
- More colonist types
- More hippy types / summons / hero selection
- The ability to help out your teammates
- Usable items (Organic Foods/products, Patchouli oil, Herbs lol, etc)
- Ability to upgrade treehouses (Damage/armor)
- Multiboard support instead of TimerWindows
- Improved "send" system (currently, you have to cram your way into a spawn gate to use a colonist deed)
- Arena battles? Just some kind of action-packed use for the center of the map...
- [Your thoughts HERE!]

Test it out, open it up in World Editor, explore and share your thoughts/contributions here. Like I said, this map is in it's very early stages, and could use a little community input. Thanks!

[P.S.]: DO NOT STEAL this map, edit it and claim it as your own!
Like I already said, as long as you contribute something you will receive proper credit.


  • HippyWars.w3x
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Level 3
Mar 20, 2011
the map was fantastically good! may steal it for myself... jks

I think you should have some awesome spells that buff your pets/summons like all pets gain x% damage increase for 5 seconds or/and sacrafice you can sacrafice one of your pets to do some AOE damage, maybe some auras and how about some relaxing weed that soothes your muscles healing you for x HP over y sconds but gives you a 10% chance to miss on attacks.

Some things I noticed (I know you probably are aware of them) Blue died then respawned beside my tree, the unit spawning and moving leaks, when a treehouse is destroyed units are still attacking that location, and descriptions on spells are messed up.

It's FAR from finished and still has many bugs
I am aware that this is in early stages but you know... just thought id write something.

Im boerd at 4:50 AM lol I should sleep. but really did find this map enjoyable nyway here are some links to what I think could be some usefull models.

Flower Aura
Ladybug Aura
Tree Impale Effect(could make a really cool impale
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