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Hierarch of Five Fireballs

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Credits to Blizzard
Model is inspired/based on a character in "I'm MT"(我叫MT), who is the leader of a team consists of five fire spec mages.
Hierarch of Five Fireballs - 五火球教主


  • Compatible in SD and HD.
  • Animations are trimmed.
  • Merge 'Spell ready throw' and 'Spell throw', got 'Attack spell' animation with customized casting particles of flame and glow.
  • Customized/restored particles of T2 mage shoulders.
  • Material works, normals recalculated, shading optimized.
  • Team aura, portrait, attach ref points fixed.

Attack spell


Hierarch of Five Fireballs (Model)