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Level 12
Dec 11, 2014
Hello Hiveworkshop

I am an old warcraft 3 player. I have possibly played over 500 (IDK If that is a lot) maps over 8 years. I started with single player, when I had dial-up internet. Later on I moved to Garena and spent a lot of time there, met a lot of amazing people, had good times. Now that Garena is down my friends and I found a way we could play: Evolve.

My favorite maps are the survival type: Farmer Vs Hunter , Wilderness Survival , Jurassic Park Survival and many other that are and aren't survival type. I would like to find other that enjoy these maps since none in my group like those types of maps.

I recently started to get interested in World Editor and saw how amazing it is, but it's complicated for me to do something advanced. I looked up some stuff and I learnt the basics. If anyone has any good links for beginners please post them. I have many questions and I think I will be posting them in World Editor Help Zone
Not open for further replies.