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May 24, 2010
Jan 27, 2010



13Stallion was last seen:
May 24, 2010
    1. shadonavan
      hey just thought i would help would have posted on your games thing but the trigger to spawn units under something elses control but not the hero is

      Unit - A unit is trained
      Or - Multiple Conditions
      (Trained Unit) is A Hero) Equal to False
      (Trained Unit) is A Peon) Equal to False
      Unit - Instantly Move Trained Unit to Rect 001 (gen)
      Unit - Change (Trained Unit)'s ownership to (Player 4(Purple)) and Change Color
      Unit - Order (Trained Unit) to Attack-Move to Rect 002 (gen)

      so yeah not sure why epic war or w/e the map is called is locked for comments but there ya go!!
    2. Damage
      So how's the AI system coming? Map's nearly ready for release, so I'd like to see how much progress you're making.
    3. Damage
      Hey, just wondering if you got the map I sent you and if you're having any luck making an AI?
    4. Forgotten_Warlord
      Welcome to the hive!
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    Kirin Tor
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