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well... this is the first skin i guess i put effort, its just a "scrap", ill post it here to IMPROVE IT (i hope that someone comments something constructive), i know its ugly and I could have more effort on it, so, help me!

The icon, well, the first one i made, i really hope you like it.

hero, troll, shadow, hunter, hex, curse, voodoo, jungle

HeroShadowHunter (Texture)

THE_END: The face on this is ridiculous. It looks great




THE_END: The face on this is ridiculous. It looks great
Level 11
Aug 4, 2004
I like it, it looks much more evil than the original. Though the icon does need work...4/5

Nice for a first skin.

Btw, I think he's trying to say "STFU, this is a good skin and you SUCK at skinning." But I'm not sure. :?
Level 3
Jul 25, 2004
foot looks weird on screenie, but i can only see them once so cant really judge that. i think his head is a little weird, the above part mostly. its just ... weird.

you used the same pattern allot of times on body. it would have been ok if you used it once since it aint bad but using it so much makes it look bad. (beard uses same !? )

i dont like the green horns (more personal thought :p)

top of spear on the thing he has on back looks bad. actually i dont like the entire thing hanging on his back.

overall good skin though, just giving my comment
Level 8
May 15, 2004
the colour of the bodie is nice, darker than the previous version wich makes it stand out a little more from the other version. i think it would look good if you put a red x on his face or a tribal pattern so it brings out his face and makes him unique. then purhaps some tribal patterns on his bodie but not black as that would clash with his muscles. do a new style of mask for him aswell then if you know how to do cnp with textures you could put a nice texture over the mask and bodie then enhance it once more and everything will stand out and look nice.
Level 11
Nov 9, 2004
for a first undeleted its good.il give you credit for actauly trying to improve!not a very much seen scenerio when it comes to noobs.
the tusks are...bad very bad color selection.the skin parts look like a fiar bit of smudging then sharpening adn a little bit of redraw.as for the clothes teh look repedative and allmost like they were a texture.
over ncie skin.muscles done very wrong.too much shadows in between.completly agreed with erts"raisin hunter comment"
3.5/5 ya its your first skin but you actauly improved form your panda guy.