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hero, mountain, king, dwarf, beard, warrior, cyborg, cyber, robot, mechanical, mechanic, engine, matrix, iron, steel, robotic

heromountainking (Texture)

THE_END: Awesome alpha work/idea here
Level 3
Apr 15, 2004
Gnomish Automaton

Being masters of technology, the stout Gnomes develop radical new technologies and construct marvels of mind-bending engineering. Having their home city of Gnomeregan ravaged and population devastated, the most brilliant minds gathered to create the ultimate warrior, the Gnomish Automaton! Utilizing the most modern technological innovations, the Automaton can take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. Able to evaluate situations and react accordingly, the Automaton has a will of it's own. Programmed to serve the Gnomes at all costs, foes quake at the sound of the clank of the Automaton.

To make it a bit more original and different, and to show how advanced the technology is in creating the automaton, he utilizes the weopons: Energy Axe and Force Hammer. Pictured at bottom is the Automaton in juggernaut mode, it increases it's size, power, attack speed, give's it increased plating, etc.. (also, i couldnt take a good screenshot of it, but in juggernaut mode it 'hovers' on jet propulsion from it's leg appatures..it's visor looks cooler in juggernaut form too ^_^)