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Heroic Origins: Galaxy - Tower Defense

Heroic Origins: Galaxy - Tower Defense

Warcraft III Map Database

The Tower! Build! Build!

ObjectiveAll players together build a tower to protect the playing field until the Boss is defeated.
Game duration50-70 Minutes
LanguageEnglish and Vietnamese
Compatible versionsWarcraft 1.31 and newer.
My DiscordLink

Game Play

How to Play?




1. Choose Difficulty
...Player 1 (Red) will choose the difficulty for the game.

Difficulty Levels Easy/Normal/Hard/Extreme
- Difficulty has 30/30/31/31 Waves.
- The limit of monsters on the map is (10 + 25 * Player).
- Increase the time between each wave to 20s/10s/0s/0s.
- Monter Health increase 0%/10%/20%/30%.
- Increases armor for monsters by 0/2/4/6.
- Increase monster's speed 0%/0%/0%/10%.
- You will get a bonus for completing every wave to Wave 10.
- Complete difficulty to get 2/3/4/5 Attribute Point.
2. Tutorial
- Players will build monster slaying towers so that the number of monsters alive does not exceed the selected difficulty limit.
- When building a Secret point will give you 4 towers to choose from, the towers are divided into 3 levels Tier 1 - Tier 2 - Tier 3. Each tower will upgrade up to 5 levels by combining with towers of the same type.
- The Tower will have their own skills automatically used, when reaching level 3-5 will unlock passive skills. Each tower will have 1-2 combos, which is a combination with other towers to increase strength.
- Buy Item to equip towers. Each tower will carry many items. - Upgrade the main house, upgrade the wood, upgrade the food to open the limit to build more towers,...
- Players will not be able to run through other players' areas.
- Map has AutoSave/AutoLoad system. After completing the map the system will automatically save your points, and start each game the system will automatically load your points.
- There are many more Hints for you to check. Enjoy!!
The game includes 4 challenges, each one with a different reward

Pack HorseSummon 5 Pack HorseGold & Lumber [%]
Infernal IllusionSummon 1 Infernal Illusion1 x Firelord Key
BattleshipSummon 1 Battleship3 x Rune of Upgrade [Random]
DragonSummon 1 Element Dragon1 x Magic Key Chain

- Type /i Open the all player information panel.

- Type /d Open Damage information panel.

- Type /votekick [number slot] Voting to kick player.

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TenebraeModels Unit RPG
rulerofiron99Damage Modification System
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All the guys of the Warcraft III Editor & Map Development forums.

Video Gameplay

* Version v5.3 (03/05/2022)
- Reduces the summoning rate of the item "Scourge Bone Chimes" to 5%.
- Fixed an issue where Soul Gem (Unlocked) was not showing after damage rating.
- Far Seer and Naga Royal Guard will not use skills on flying targets.
- Reduced Far Seer's wolf summoning power.
- Sorceress's armor reduction effect is 2/4/6 respectively.
- The armor reduction effect of Naga Siren is 4/7/10 respectively.
- The armor reduction effect from Grunt's combo is 6.
- Lava Spawn has the effect of reducing armor by 4 per hit.
- Windrunner's Trueshot effect only applies to Towers.
- Increase the number of Soul Gems (Unlock) to summon Spirit Beasts.
+ The armor reduction effect of Phoenix and Sorceress has stacked.
+ Changing Priest's combo will get the automatic skill "Slow".
+ Increases the salvage cost ratio of Naga Sea Witch.
+ Increases the damage dealt to single target of Demon Hunter to (Agility * 10 * Number of jumps).
* Increases the movement speed of Crypt Lord summoning minions to 522.
+ Reduced requirement of Quest "Maximum" Tower Tier 1 Max Level 0/10.
+ Added "Impossible" difficulty.
+ Open for sale 3 outfits for Builder.
+ Added Tower Tier 2 "Dreadlord".
++ Added a personal quest and "Alter of Heroes" system.
++ Add 3 resources "Stone Architecture" "Arcanite Architecture" "Imbued Masonry" as reward for killing Spirit Beast.

* Version v5.1 (26/04/2022)
- Summoning Water Element has a slow effect.
- Edit the Combo of Maiev: Increase 200% of the attack power and increase the Carrion Swarm skill's surveillance (Agility * 11 + 300).
- Increase the absorption effect time of Abomination to 20 seconds.
- Editing the Avatar effect of Mountain King has merged.
- Reduce Mana Cost skills of Paladin and Jaina.
- Reduce the scope of Aura radius when Mana to 1800.
- Increasing the range of Aura Trueshot radius to 1600.
- Edit Winrunner skills: Gives A 30% Chance to do 3 Times Normal Damage on An Attack.
- Editing Starfall skill: Each Ally Tower Will Summon An Owl (Applying To Each Towers Stats and each Towers has only one Owl) Deals:
(Agility * 2) As Damage for 1 Star Towers
(Agility * 3) As Damage for 2 Star Towers
(Agility * 4) As Damage for 3 Star Towers
(Agility * 5) As Damage for 4 Star Towers
(Agility * 6) As Damage for 5 Star Towers
- Reduce the sorceress armor subtraction effect. to 2/4/6.
- Edit passive skills of Kael: Phoenix will reduce Armor of surrounding targets.
- Increase the chances of receiving Tower Firelord to 15% and discount Firelord Egg's money.
- Increase Spiked Collar's Fel Stalker summoning chance by 25%.
+ Added 2 new equipment, added the perfect summon feature.
+ Added 1 Tower Tier 2 and 1 Tower Tier 3.
+ Added "[E] Sight Range" button that shows Tower's attack range and aura effect range.
+ Add command /votekick [number slot], for example /votekick 1, /votekick 2...

HO: G-TD v5.3 (Map)

Finally made it work out. I had some issues after reinstalling patch 1.31. The gameplay is mainly based on TD yet it comes with a very large variety of stuff to have fun with and enjoy the game. I like the extended UI that it has. The attention to...
Level 4
Dec 8, 2015
Amazing game!
I've seen a lot of map makers try and implement autochess like gameplay in Warcraft III, but this implementation is by far the best I've tried. My friends and I have already played this a bunch of times and we plan on continuing to play until we beat it at the hardest difficulty! Keep up the great work.
Thanks bro, try to pass the hardest difficulty and enjoy it xD

Deleted member 247165


Deleted member 247165

Are you sure this is designed for 1.31 ? For some reasons it doesn't show up in Warcraft :/

Deleted member 247165


Deleted member 247165

Finally made it work out. I had some issues after reinstalling patch 1.31.

The gameplay is mainly based on TD yet it comes with a very large variety of stuff to have fun with and enjoy the game. I like the extended UI that it has. The attention to almost every single detail in the game shows how much work was put into it. I didn't encounter any bugs so far.