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This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
another version of demonhunter <_<

there, made few updates.

hero, demon, hunter, demonhunter, evil, illidan

HeroDemonHunter2 (Texture)

THE_END: Not that much done to this...BYE BYE
Level 12
Sep 13, 2004
it has potentional, the crown thingie could look really good if it actually looked like metal instead of cardboard, the shape of it is really good.

the texture of his skin is simply EEW. its ugly and smudgy, looks like hes really sick or something...

also, whats with the beady eyes? is he the hamster king or someshit like that?

the pants could look good, i like the colors, but the stitches or whatever on the side dont look okay becouse a lck of texturing and shading has been done there.

also, his weapons look like cardboard as well. you need some metal-shading-practice.
Level 4
Mar 6, 2005
could be better, although its far better than the usual skins we seen in this past few weeks

congrats for the efforts u put on it, glad its not just a crappy recolor or CnP.

but indeed u must change these eyes and his weapon, the "crown thingy" looks good.

keep it up!
the arm's look more authentic and not-sickly than the chest. they have more purpose in the shading. but on the chest...the underlying color just looks blech. do some one-pixel dodge random lines on the crown, to make it look nice (r). change the black space on the blade insignia to alpha, I think it'd look better. and I'd also overlay the hair red-ish. the last thing I suggest is doing a black outline on the stitchy doohickeys.

just some suggestions.
I rate 3/5.
Level 6
Aug 7, 2004
Seems rather useful, I think :? . 3/5 Keep it up. The blade doesn't really look metal at all...I suggest brightening it...
Wow...I never would've guessed the markings on the face can look like that in the game...
Well, the body looks like it's covered in dirt, despite the fact that it's already brown...brighten some parts of it too...
erw, why are u so against dodge and burn? :p

Well.. The body is just ugly, not to be rude, but it's not very good.. looks like some food are smashed all over him :S The crown and blade doesn't look like metall, as it should!

The markings on the face is nice, try to remove the white stuff on the pants, remove the feeling of it as a sonta, or was that the point? :p

Make some new hair too :wink:

If you want a 5, make new pants, new blade, good shading and real looking metall :D