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This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
My first skin i really changed.
What do you think?
Rate plz. and give comments. i am willing to improve mistakes :)

Evil, illidan, demon, hunter, demonhunter

HeroDemonHunter (Texture)

THE_END: Just a jumble of...badness
Level 2
Jul 28, 2004
as a first skin, 1/5
as a demon hunter skin, 0/5
as a skin that should be submitted, 1/5
for every thing else theres PHOTOSHOP!!!!


edit: as I didnt say what was wrong, I decided to do so now.
the swords look really sloppy cuz you just erased part of them, I am really sick of demon hunter skin..im sick of seeing demon hunters in maps alltogether..they areent that cool, all demon hunter skins look the same. if you were gonna make the pants rock, you should have taken the fuzzy stuff off the top. also, the screenshot isnt good, you cant see his chest in it. it isnt very original either, just a modified demon hunter. thats where you really screwd up. I see way too many demon hunters. I should see them as what they were meant to be, not just skinned demon hunters. most of them are meant to be "skinned demon hunters", and they are a waste of time. nobody ever uses them, in fact, most maps I see dont even use skins, but if they do use a skin, they only use the good ones. the ones they use arent things like this. it should be original, it shouldnt even be called a skinned demon hunter, it should be called a luke skywalker or whatever you make. its not orignal AT ALL, it is just another demon hunter with no purpose, and it isnt detailed that much. so thats why it gets a 1/5. if you make a first skin, usually you have something better in mind than a worthless demon hunter.
Level 13
Jul 28, 2004
it was a huge post, but i approve..
a lot of copy and paste, FILTERS for the pentagram ( damn easy thing to draw, dont feel proud if you can draw 5 lines ) and for the blades oh and those pee-tinted thing around his arms

how to improve: dont do filters, dont copy n paste nor recolor, avoid pentagrams, and you must absolutly do freehand. follow the tips, or stay a peon