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This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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Spirit of the Forest. Isn't it obvious, huh? :D

Leaves, leaf, plant, mage, archmage, tree, timber, wooden, wood, forest, spirit, of, the

HeroArchmage (Texture)

THE_END: ...mm gotta go bye bye again
Level 4
Dec 17, 2003
I hate when someone says OMFG, its a CNP OMFG !@#E!#@

I really seem to enjoy recolors and cnp as long as they look GOOD in game

I still like freehands, but no one draws like blizzard so they go with other units :roll:
Level 5
Aug 25, 2004
hmm... you did a VERY good job but i just dont like it
sorry man i cant rate this low cuz rate will go down and you
did a good job on it so.. no ratin but i must say
i dont like it

edit: oh and people THIS is a skin that has work put into it
hard work i can see
Level 11
Aug 4, 2004
Hhhmmm....interesting idea that's done very nicely in this skin. 4/5 Just two things...in the screenshot it looks like his beard is part leaf and part tree trunk(?) and it might look better if it was all one thing...but that's just me :p . Also the light blue stone on the staff looks kinda out of place...make it dark blue or another color and it might go better with the rest of the skin.
Level 13
Jul 28, 2004
thats my opinion, i stick to it, feel free to think whateverhell you wish to, i wont get angry, stalk you and torture your mind until you accept another version of your opinion..
if every other skins are bad, it doesnt nesceserally mean this cnp is good, that's my point of view, i didnt bothered to look at it additionally when i saw the cnped leaves, it makes me puke.
Level 6
Apr 9, 2004
:evil: Kirym, you're a moron, know that? Seen any of these guys skins? Erwtenpeller, EvilYardGnome, Jacinthe, Golden Yak, etc...the list can go alot further. All of these i've mentioned are great skinners, who're able to make skins look "blizzardy" or whatever you like to call it. :evil: