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This bundle is marked as lacking. It fails to meet the standard requirements and may only have minor use.
Algid, Master of Ice Magic

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hero, blue, arch, mage, arcgmage, human

HeroArchmage (Texture)

THE_END: Recolor...blarrggg no sir
Whilst there does appear to be some free-hand here which is nice to see, the majority is still a re-colour of limited use. Therefore I am setting it to lacking.
Level 3
Apr 15, 2004
Algid, Master of Ice Magic

Before the Burning Legion's invasion, the blind recluce Algid, Master of Ice Magic settled in the cold deselate land of Northrend to live in peace and solitude. After the Scourge's occupation of Northrend and the merging of King Arthas and The Lich King, the wizard Algid calls upon his supreme abilities over cold and ice, and goes out into the world of man once again to help secure the serenity of the world of Azeroth.