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Hero Strife TD v1.25

Submitted by Avatars Lord
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.


  • [​IMG]
    Try to survive the 30 waves. In this game type, you advance to the next level altogether. When a team clears a wave first they will get a reward and will start the bolster timer which will make all of the wave units attacks and move faster once it expires. Arenas are enabled in this type.

  • [​IMG]
    Be the first team to win the 30th wave. In this game type, there are no pauses during the waves. When you kill all of the units that spawn in the maze (Sent Creeps does not count), your team will instantly advance to the next wave. When you finish a wave first you will get a reward. Arenas are disabled in this type.

  • [​IMG]
    Try to survive the 30 waves. This game type is classic with a twist: the wave starts in one maze per team and after that, instead of going to the base it goes to the next maze of the team. Finally, when it has traveled all the mazes, it goes to the base. Maze needs a minimum of value requirement for units to travel [players can see the minimum limit by writing -svalue X, X being the wave level]. For each player in the team the unit spawn amount increases by 50% [1 Player 40, 2 Players 60, 3 Players 80 …]. Maze gold is shared between the players but additional gold will be given to the builders.

- 30 Waves - 19 Races - Single Player Mode
- 16 Players - 4 Teams - Single Team Mode
- Fun Gameplay - Teamwork - Game Types
- Challengers - Forests Arena

Entire Map





    • Bribe: Damage Detection System, Unit Indexer and Item Cleanup.

  • Special thanks to AmethystTower / Killera.


      • The map has been made.

      • Removed the "1" message.

      • Tried to make the game smoother.
      • Fixed an Arena bug which caused to give a wrong team the award.

      • Fixed the bug where Shadow Master lost his vision after being reincarnated.

      • Now, melee heroes can attack air without the orb.
      • Decreased the cost of Ring of Arcane by 100 gold.
      • Undead: Buffed Crypt Fiend's attack damage.
      • Undead: Increased the cost of Frost Wyrm by 200.
      • Undead: Dreadlord: Nerfed Vampiric Aura.
      • Shadow: Decreased Archer's attack damage.
      • Shadow: Decreased Demon's attack damage.
      • Orc: Increased Grunt's attack damage.
      • Naga: Increased Mur'gul Reaver's attack damage.


      • Orc: Fixed where Kodo could attack air.
      • Arcane: Archmage: Reduced Empower Water's cooldown by 30.
      • Increased the maximum level of Mana Replenish by 10.
      • Fixed castle despawning when the owning player leaves the game.
      • Added Light Mode.

      • Added Auto Hero Reviving System and Difficulty Options.
      • Added Tomes.
      • Attacks against an ally player is greatly reduced.
      • Reworked Arena and there is the third arena now.
      • Added game timer [Food].
      • Shadow: Archer: Decreased attack damage by 3(All Levels).
      • Shadow: Demon: Decreased attack damage by 100.
      • Mech: Space Marine: Headshot: Reduced chance from 10% to 8%


    • Balance Changes

      • Arcane: Apprentice Priest: Decreased Attack Damage.
      • Arcane: Master Mage: Decreased Attack Damage.
      • Arcane: Medivh: Decreased Attack Rate.

      • Elemental: Reef Elemental: Increased Attack Damage.
      • Elemental: Rock Golem: Decreased Attack Damage.

      • Mech: Battle Golem: Decreased Attack Damage but Increased Attack Rate.
      • Mech: Crazy Engineer: Decreased Attack Damage and Attack Rate.
      • Mech: Flying Machine: Decreased Attack Damage.
      • Mech: Gobling Blaster: Decreased Attack Damage and Attack Rate.
      • Mech: Rifleman: Decreased Attack Damage and Attack Rate.

      • Naga: Ancient of Hydra: Decreased Attack Rate.
      • Naga: Naga Aide: Decreased Attack Damage.
      • Naga: Naga Siren: Decreased Attack Damage.
      • Naga: Snap Dragon: Decreased Attack Damage.

      • Nature: Ancient of Lore: Decreased Attack Damage.
      • Nature: Ancient of Wind: Decreased Attack Damage.
      • Nature: Ancient of Wonders: Decreased Attack Damage.
      • Nature: Treant: Increased Attack Damage.

      • Orc: Demolisher: Decreased Attack Damage.
      • Orc: Grunt: Increased Attack Damage.
      • Orc: Kodo Beast: Decreased Attack Damage.
      • Orc: Shaman: Decreased Mana.
      • Orc: Tauren: Increased Pulverize Damage.

      • Shadow: Archer: Decreased Attack Damage.
      • Shadow: Avatar of Vengeance: Increased Shadow Strike Initial Damage.
      • Shadow: Darkslayer: Decreased Attack Damage but Increased Attack Rate.
      • Shadow: Demon: Decreased Attack Damage.
      • Shadow: Spirit of Vengeance: Increased Attack Damage.

      • Undead: Abomination: Decreased Attack Damage but Increased Disease Cloud's Duration and Damage.
      • Undead: Acolyte: Decreased Attack Damage.
      • Undead: Crypt Fiend: Decreased Attack Damage.
      • Undead: Ghoul: Increased Attack Damage but Decreased Attack Rate.
      • Undead: Necromancer: Decreased Attack Damage.

      • Warrior: Admiral Proudmoore: Decreased Attack Damage.
      • Warrior: Footman: Increased Attack Damage and Attack Range.
      • Warrior: Lieutenant: Can't Attack Air.
      • Warrior: Militia: Increased Attack Damage.
      • Warrior: Swordsman: Increased Attack Damage but Can't Attack Air.

      • Decreased Challengers' health regeneration.
      • Balanced out all of the towers.
      • New Race: Elemental.
      • New boss for the arena: Illusionist.
      • Fixed many bugs.
      • Heroes' abilities' learn tooltip has changed.
      • Warrior: Difficulty changed to Very Hard.
      • Wave: Deeplord Revenant: Replaced frost armor with frost attack.
      • Wave: Hydralisk: Now Hydralisks will respawn with more health and attack damage.

      • New Races: Beast and Hybrid.
      • Shortened heroes' revival time by 20%.
      • Arena: Illusionist: Fixed where his abilities wouldn't level up.
      • Increased Tome of Agility's cost by 10.
      • Increased the starting gold to 400.
      • Decreased challengers' cooldown to 10 min from 12 min.
      • Each primary attribute gives only 0.20 attack damage.
      • Heroes have a new attack damage bonus system.
      • Summons get buffed exponentially rather than linearly.
      • Shadow: Dark Ranger: Silence: Now will spawn a random amount of skeleton upon cast.
      • Nature: KotM: Fixed the bug where units would move to the castle after entangling roots.
      • Undead: Dreadlord: Fixed the bug where you would get 0 attack damage after the ultimate.

    • Summon Balance Changes

      • Shadow: Dark Ranger: Increased Dark Minion's health.
      • Elemental: Firelord: Increased Lava Spawn's health and attack damage.
      • Arcane: Blood Mage: Increased Phoenix's attack damage.
      • Arcane: Ghostly Archmage: Increased Water Elemental's attack damage and health.
      • Beast: Beastmaster: Increased Bear's, Hawk's and Quillbeast's attack damage and health.
      • Nature: Keeper of The Grove: Decreased Treant's health but increased its attack damage.
      • Orc: Far Seer: Decreased Shadow Wolf's health but increased attack damage.

      • Heroes' abilities' level increased to 12 for normal 6 for ultimate.
      • Now when heroes revive they restore mana according to its intelligence amount.
      • Added Neutral Powerful Camp.
      • Now, races have one of their towers to be upgraded to the elite towers.
      • Beast: Sheep: MeEeEe ability can only teleport a unit 5 times total.
      • Creep: Knight: Added Bash ability.


      • Updated DDS to the latest patch.
      • Added Item Cleanup by Bribe.
      • Increased Mask of Death's cost to 900 gold.
      • Increased Axe of Chaos's cost to 600 gold.
      • Added a new creep.
      • Wave: 29: Buffed Crushing Wave's damage to 450.

      • Beast: Brewmaster: Healing Brew: Removed invulnerable effect.
      • Increased the cooldown of all ultimates by 100%.
      • Decreased the health upgrade percentage of summons' to 20% from 25%.
      • Decreased armor bonus per agility to 0.25 from 0.30.
      • Added 2 new items.
      • Added 5 new creeps.

      • Creep: Ogre Lord: Nerfed his abilities.
      • Creep: Zergling: Increased attack damage by 200.
      • Added four new commands.
      • Naga: Hydra: Triple Head: Now each head has its own attack type.
      • Now when a player leaves, enemies in the leaver's maze will get removed.
      • Creep: Spell Breaker: Increased feedback's mana burn to 240.
      • Wave: 25: Buffed bash ability.
      • Wave 26: Buffed envenomed weapon ability.
      • Arena: Illusionist: His mirrors will take 400% damage instead of 300%.
      • Added a new Arena Boss: Captain.

      • Warrior: Ranger: Trueshot: Nerfed.
      • Now heroes will get less experience in the forest depending on their decimal level.
      • Now other teams' heroes won't get experience when you get killed by the non-player unit.
      • If you kill an enemy hero you will get experience.
      • If your hero gets killed by a non-player unit, 10 non-player units nearby the killer will restore 20% health.
      • Added a new shop with new 6 items.
      • Decreased the cost of Periapt of Vitality and Pendant of Energy.
      • Nerfed Mask of Death's recover percentage to 12% but decreased the cost by 100.
      • New command "-random".
      • Fixed a bug where a player's hero wouldn't get removed when he leaves the game.
      • Fixed the unkillable phoenix bug.

      • Some bug fixes.
      • Added Anti-Stuck.

      • New Race: Arachnid.
      • Added 6 game modes: -ap , -ar , -ah, -as , -ts , -tm.
      • Bug fixes.

      • Increased Mana Pool's maximum mana increase to 50 but also increased the cost to 15 gold and 15 lumber.
      • Many bug fixes.

      • Now if the castle's missing health is less than 1000 when you repair, you will get refunded the excess gold.
      • New Race: Night Elf.
      • New Item.
      • Added Reroll to hybrid and random mode.
      • Now the winning team can choose to continue the game.

      • Bugs fixes.
      • Night Elf: PotM: Changed her ultimate to "Blessing of the Moon".
      • Increased the cost of orbs.
      • New Item.
      • Increased replenish interval of the tomes.

      • Changed Forests' terrain. Also, The Forests change after the 15th wave.
      • New Item: Zeus' Thunder.
      • Arena: Sea Turtle: Replaced Taunt with Howl of Terror.

      • Arachnid: Brood Mother: Spiderlings: Increased max spiderling per unit to 15.
      • Arachnid: Crypt Lord: Spiked Carapace: Nerfed returned damage factor.
      • Creep: Sludge Minion: Increased health regen to 20.
      • Creep: Zombie: Changed Vampiric Aura to Meatlust Aura.
      • Elemental: Mountain Giant: Avenging Rock: Increased revival time reduction.
      • Forest mobs give less gold.
      • Item: Zeus Thunder: now the effect gets removed when you drop the item.
      • Made the Owl shop bigger.
      • Mech: Space Marine: Snipe: Increased its damage and reduced casting time to 1.
      • Naga: Deepsea Lord. Sea's Balance: Decreased casting time.
      • Nature: Tree of Eternity: Thorns Aura: Nerfed.
      • Night Elf: Huntress: Decreased attack damage.
      • Night Elf: Warden: Guardian's Fury: decreased the max stack to 6.
      • Night Elf: Warden: Night's Terror: Increased Illusion's damage taken to 50%.
      • Now, spells that have summon have a proper learn tooltip.
      • Shadow: Dark Ranger: Black Arrow: Now works on units above level 5.
      • The 2. forest mobs will inherit the increased health & damage of the one they are replacing by 50%.
      • Undead: Frost Wyrm: Increased cost to 3200.
      • Undead: Dreadlord: Vampiric Aura: Nerfed.
      • Warrior: Ranger: Trueshot Aura: Nerfed.
      • Wave: 25: Increased movement speed to 300.

      • Arcane: Sorceress Tower II: Tooltip now shows the correct damage.
      • Night Elf: Huntress: Reduced attack damage.
      • Added Vote Kicking System.
      • Arcane: Blood Mage: Phoenix: Disabled Egg ability until Blizzard fixes it. Doubled its health.
      • Night Elf: PoTM: Sentinel: Reduced traveling distance in order to fix the bug.
      • Added a preview image.

      • Two new races: Corrupted & High Guard.
      • Two new Arena Bosses: Bronze Dragon & Infernal.
      • Shadow: Archer: Hunter: Increased the chance to 12%.
      • Shadow: Demon: Added "Hellfire" ability.
      • Now I actually removed the egg ability from the phoenix T_T.
      • Improved "First Clear Award" system and now in Light Mode, you don't have to write "first".
      • Increased the cost of Mana Replenish to 50 but decreased increment cost to 5 gold.
      • Orc: Headhunter: Increased attack damage.
      • Night Elf: PotM: Blessing of the Moon: Increased bonus armor.
      • Warrior: Ranger: Rain of Arrow: Reduced the cooldown and the duration.
      • Removed Amulet of Spellshield.
      • Mech: Space Marine: Changed Piercing Ammo to Expanding Bullet.
      • Game Modes: All Hybrid: Reroll won't disappear after building a tower.

      • Now the flag won't join the arena.
      • High Guard: Royal Knight: Fixed where battle glory wouldn't work
      • High Guard: Royal Knight: Decreased movement speed by 50.
      • Now Shops have "Select Unit" ability.
      • Enabled "Patrol" in the game.

      • Fixed the Night Elf bug.

      • High Guard: Flag: Improve abilities now increase the level of the champions by one. Flag gains two skill points each level. Now Flag's level increases the damage bonus of the champions.
      • High Guard: Explosive Team: Decreased attack damage but increased attack speed.
      • Arena: Buffed the 2. & 3. arenas.
      • High Guard: Queen's Guard: Decreased bash duration.
      • Fountain of Mana: Added Overflow Research.

      • Changed Overflow's cost to 2000 gold and 1000 lumber.
      • Wave 30: Increased attack damage.

      • Wave 15: Decreased armor by 10.
      • Wave 19: Decreased armor by 4 and decreased spell damage reduction to 75%.
      • Wave 20: Increased health by 1000.
      • Fixed a bug where deployed units were trying to chase a creep that moved into the base.
      • Fixed Re-Roll bug where it didn't show the correct cost.
      • Item: Health & Mana Potion: Decreased item cooldown by 10 seconds.

      • Crypt Lord: Carrion Beetles: No Longer can spawn out of boundaries.
      • Wave 31: A complete rework. Check the quest for the information.
      • Added an item.
      • Mountain Giant: Changed "Rock Hard" ability to "Harden Rock".
      • Creep: Satyr: changed attack type to Pierce from Chaos.
      • Creep: Granite Golem: changed attack type to Siege from Chaos.
      • Creep: Storm Wyrm: changed attack type to Magic from Chaos.

      • New Race: Dragon.
      • Now when a player leaves, his leaked creeps' health will reduce by 75%
      • Amulet of Soul: Now also heals the summons for 5% of the damage dealt.
      • Reduced arena bosses' aggro range.

      • Now Automatic Harvest is on by default.
      • Nature: Ancient of Wonders: Increased attack damage.
      • Warrior: Lieutenant: Cleaving Attack: Area of Effect increased to 200.
      • Night Elf: Druid of the Talon: Storm Crow Form: Now has higher range.
      • Arachnid: Brood Mother: Spiderlings: Now each bite deals 60 damage.
      • High Guard: Gryphon Rider. Increased attack damage.
      • High Guard: Estoric Mage: Increased attack damage and now casts slow faster.
      • High Guard: Flag: Now it gains proper amount of skill points when gaining 2 levels.
      • Nature: Ancient of War: Has mana now. Roar: reduced cooldown but now costs mana.
      • Elemental: Fire Lord: Nerfed Soul Burn duration against heroes and Incinerate's damage.
      • Arcane: Pyroblast: Now can heal the phoenix double the amount.
      • Dragon: Nether Dragon: Defile: Does not damage neutral enemies anymore.
      • Arena Boss: Illusionist: Mirror Image: Nerfed damage dealt.
      • New Game Mode: "-af"

      • New Race: Fel Orc.
      • New Game Mode: "-hr". "All Hybrid but new rolls every wave"
      • New Game Type: "Snake". "The wave starts in one maze per team and after that, instead of going to the base it goes to the next maze of the team until it the end" "check the quests / the top section of this page for more information"
      • New Command: "-rolls". "Shows the rolls of your allies"
      • Naga: Sea Witch: Forked Lightning: Increased damage but increased cooldown.
      • Naga: Sea Witch: Enchanted Deep Sea: Increased duration but increased cooldown reduction of Forked Lightning.
      • Naga: Ancient Hydra: Buffed damage by 100.
      • Orc: Far Seer: Lightning Shield: Increased area effect by 50%.
      • Corrupted: Pit Lord: Rain of Fire: Buffed damage over time.
      • Warrior: Ranger: Rain of Arrow: Decreased arrow amount to 3.


      • Fixed the classic "1" message thingy.


      • Fel Orc: Fel Warrior: Fel Fuel: Doubled the stacks halved the damage and restoration amount. Also fixed the bug that causes fel warrior to have too much damage and the number of stacks is shown when you kill a unit.


      • Fixed "Berserker Upgrade" bug.


      • New Race: Murloc.
      • New Shop with three items. (more to come)
      • Fel Orc: Fel Warrior: Battlemaster: Reduced illusion duration by 50%.
      • Fel Orc: Fel Warrior: Horrify: Increased vulnerable percentage but increased the cooldown by 100.
      • Dragon: Black Dragon Whelp: Increased attack damage by ~20%.
      • Now Votekicking needs a minimum of 2 players instead of 3.
      • Arcane: Blood Mage: Changed his name to "Fire Mage" [Seemed more fitting since his abilities are all related to fire].
      • Arcane Fire Mage: Siphon Mana: Changed to "Ring of Fire".
      • Arcane: Fire Mage: Phoenix: Re-introduced egg ability hoping that the new update fixed the unkillable phoenix bug.
      • Shadow: Dark Ranger: Life Drain: Removed unlimited range. Increased drain amount by ~27% and decreased cooldown to 12 seconds.
      • Elemental: Fire Lord: Incinerate: Decreased AOE by 25%.
      • Orc: Blademaster: Wind Walk: Increased cooldown by 30%
      • Beast: Beastmaster: Stampede: Now can damage air.

      • Finally fixed the bug where deployed units were trying to go to a corner even though the player commands it to stop. This bug also caused some issues with summoned units.
      • New 3 items.
      • Arcane: Fire Mage: Phoenix: Removed the egg spell again : )
      • Arcane: Fire Mage: Ring of Fire: Now won't damage neutral units. Also increased mana drain per second by ~28%
      • Murloc: Murloc Clifrunner: Decreased attack damage by ~10%.
      • Arachnid: Nerubian Queen: Sack of Eggs: Decreased cooldown by 20%.
      • Murloc: Murloc Seaguard: Mercury Poisoning: Increased bonus damage to 100%.
      • Fel Orc: Fel Warrior: Destruction: Decreased cooldown by 33%.
      • Fel Orc: Fel Warrior: Wave of Fel: Decreased cooldown by 33%.
      • High Guard: Markswoman: Increased range by 100.
      • High Guard: Explosive Team: Increased range by 100.
      • High Guard: Gryphon Rider: Increased range by 50.
      • Periapt of Vitality: Decreased cost by 10%.
      • Pendant of Energy: Decreased cost by 10%.

      • New Race: Kogoll.
      • "-rolls": now shows the correct roll after a player has rerolled.
      • Game Type: Snake: Now units in the maze will have a 30% movement speed bonus and they will spawn 30% faster. [It seemed that snake mode was too slow and wasn't challenging, especially with 3-4 mazes. This change should help, otherwise, other changes will occur in the next updates.]
      • New item: "Helm of Destruction": Restores mana with each attack.
      • New item: "Claws of Attack": Increases attack damage.
      • High Guard: Royal Knight: Battle Glory: Fixed.
      • High Guard: Increased the attack animations of the units by 25%.
      • High Guard: Estoric Mage: Slow: Increased duration by 25%.
      • Murloc: Oceanmaster: Slimy Weapon: Increased the damage by ~ 50%.
      • Murloc: Oceanmaster: Sea Jump: Now Murloc gets buff depending on the situation.
      • Naga: Sea Witch: Enchanted Deep Sea: Increased cooldown by ~
      • 16%.
      • Abilities below can now target non-organic units as well:
      • Naga: Sea Witch: Forked Lightning,
      • Nature: Keeper of the Grove: Entangling Roots,
      • Mechanic: Space Marine: Acid Bomb,
      • Orc: Far Seer: Chain Lightning,
      • Undead: Lich: Frost Nova,
      • Warrior: Golden Knight: Thunder Clap.
      • Night Elf: Warden: Fan of Knives,
      • Arachnid: Crypt Lord: Impale,
      • Nature: Tree of Eternity: Spiked Branches,
      • Corrupted: Corrupted Ancient Protector: Stomp.

      • Helm of Destruction: Now it works.
      • Kogoll: Kobold Luckneeder: Fixed the tooltip where it said Magic attack type.
      • Kogoll: Kobold Luckneeder: Cavern Boulder: Now the chance is 60% to 40%.
      • Kogoll: Alchemist: Timed Bomb: Now it can be placed on the spawned area.
      • Kogoll: Alchemist: Timed Bomb: Increased max random time to 12 seconds.
      • Kogoll: Gnoll Purger: Overcharge: Decreased cooldown by 25%.
      • Kogoll: Gnoll Purger: Electric charge: Decreased cooldown by ~33%.
      • Kogoll: Gnoll Purger: Storm: Increased damage by ~38%.
      • Murloc: Tidemaster: Release the Kraken!: Increased the attack speed by ~20%.

      • Now depending on the handicap amount, the players' starting gold increases. (125% 500 gold. 150% 600 gold etc.)
      • Snake Type: Removed the movement speed bonus. Now the next wave starts with a countdown of 90 seconds. The countdown starts after the initial wave has finished spawning. Players get the wave end gold & income gold & level up & health restoration when the countdown hits 15 seconds.
      • Changed "Reroll" icon so it can be distinguished and the first reroll now costs 30 gold.
      • "-af" mode has "-random" command now.
      • Mech: Flying Machine: Added "Flying Machine Bombs" ability.
      • Claws of Attack: Increased cost by 66% but increased damage bonus to 40%.
      • Helm of Destruction: Nerfed it to 3% restoration.
      • Kogoll: Alchemist: Random Mixture: Fixed where it had an unlimited range.
      • Corrupted: CAoP: Poison Cloud: Increased damage by 33%.
      • Fel Orc: Warrior: Bladestorm: Increased cooldown by 15% but buffed the damage by 33%

      • Snake Type: Reduced the cooldown timer to 75 seconds from 90.
      • Mech: Flying Machine: Attacks properly.
      • Creeps: Flying Machine: Changed its name to "VS - 300 Copter".

      • Now when a hero casts an "Unlimited Ranged" spell to a team, the team will get a message.
      • Fire & Frost & Corruption Orbs & Mask of Death: Now works with any ability like "Slimey Weapon", "Expanding Bullet", "Rain of Arrow" and so on. Because of this, they cost 40% more.
      • New 3 items!
      • Searing Blade: Attacks have a 20% chance to deal 2 times as normal damage.
      • Crystal Staff: Spells 20% chance to deal 2 times as normal damage.
      • Book of Summoning: 20% chance to summon additional summon.
      • Ring of Protection: Decreased the cost by 16%
      • Amulet of Soul: Now heals the summoned unit by 10% instead of 5% of the damage.
      • Elemental: Mountain Giant: Hurl Boulder: Increased AOE by 30% and damage by 10%
      • Mech: Tinker: Particle Cannon: Now chases enemy units automatically.
      • Mech: Tinker: Particle Cannon: Increased the movement speed by 100% but reduced the duration by 20%
      • Murloc: Oceanmaster & Tidemaster: Increased their attribute increase per level by 50%.
      • Shadow: Dark Ranger: Life Drain: Increased life transfer by 55% and now drain more than max health.
      • Kogoll: Gnoll Purger: Overcharge: Decreased cooldown by 22%
      • Kogoll: Lightning Wave: Increased the chance to 15%
      • Kogoll: Storm: Decreased the lightning struck interval by 33% and 2 - 5 lightning strikes at the same time now.

      • New Race: Demon.
      • Warrior: Golden Knight: Changed "Charge" with "Righteous Sword".
      • Book of Summoning: Fixed the bug where the chances were rare.
      • Undead: Frost Impact: Reduced cooldown by 46% and cost by 16% but decreased health & mana restoration by 40%
      • Beast: Beastmaster: Summon Hawk: Reduced the cooldown by ~60%.
      • Nature: Treant: Now has an ability "Growth".
      • Builders have information ability about commands now.
      • Naga: Parasite: Buffed the summon by 15%
      • Undead: Raise Dead: Buffed the summon by 15%.
      • Murloc: Tidemaster: Sea Jump: Now heals for 10%.
      • Warrior: Ranger: Reduced attack range by 100.

      • New Races.


Q: Why do heroes have standard abilities?
A: I'll rework the heroes throughout the updates when I feel like they could be better. For now, standard abilities are fine.
Q: No custom skins/models etc., why?
A: I wanted the map to be pretty in Reforged too.
Q: Why are the Forests small?
A: For more PvP engagement and to make the forest chaotic.
Q: Some abilities have Unlimited Range, why?
A: Before the forests and arena I felt like there should be some Hero PvP. If it feels good enough without Unlimited Range I'll remove that feature.

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Hero Strife TD v1.25 (Map)

Well done map. Like the thread presentation as well. Abilities could use detailed descriptions in the learn menu: Tooltip Tutorial Creating Good Descriptions Thinking whether items should require lumber instead of gold. Why don't heroes revive...
  1. Eat_Bacon_Daily


    Jan 4, 2014
    Hey man, loving your map.
    Unfortunately our game keeps crashing on wave 2/
  2. Avatars Lord

    Avatars Lord

    Apr 2, 2014

    Wave 2? How? Can you send me the replay if you have it?
  3. Eat_Bacon_Daily


    Jan 4, 2014
    It suddenly stopped happening. Maybe it was something minor that one player had that caused the crash.

    Couldn't send replays, since games that crash don't produce replays.
  4. Hamsamwich


    Sep 25, 2009
    This is the most ill-conceived TD I've ever played. The entire fountain of mana/wood mechanic adds extra AP for no good reason. And I may be biased, but the High Guard race is so poorly made that I am surprised this game ever got improved. Most of the spells on the multiple heroes don't work. It isn't readily apparent that you can't train multiple units from a building (who reads the passive of a building before doing stuff? No one). No easy way to select the heroes.

    Its like whoever made this race was having an on-going heart attack while developing it. I've been playing TDs since 2004, and this one has the worst ratio of effort to quality I've ever seen. It's like you took the worst part of every previous head to head TD, added countless glitches and abilities that don't work, added more ARTIFICIAL APM, and then slapped some more unbalance on top of that.

    PM if you want more constructive feed back. This has the foundation for a great game, but there are just so many poorly conceived features that could be EASILY fixed/changed. And I know TDs are an inherently flawed/hard to make genre. Because they are usually too hard to balance right than other genres. Just dont' add more unnecessary archaic mechanics.
  5. Avatars Lord

    Avatars Lord

    Apr 2, 2014
    If you don't want to manual harvest, you can press one button that will do the harvesting for you. It is the second ability that has the name "Automatic Harvest". I am going to change it on at the start so people wouldn't waste time pressing that button.
    What do you mean it doesn't work? They are derived from standard abilities. Which one do you think that doesn't work?
    Warcraft has a way to group certain units in a number from the keyboard. Choose the units then control + X to assign the units to a number where you can easily press.
    Can you please be specific about a glitch so it can be fixed?

    Thanks for your constructivism.
  6. Ulfsire


    Sep 18, 2017
    I'm actually the one who hosted that game. To be fair, you picked a race marked "hard" then "didn't want to read." Is it possible you can revisit your rating, upon reflection?

    For my part, I quite enjoyed the map, and saw a lot of mechanics that were elaborations of basic TD War tropes (using lumber to send creeps to raise income). However, when I started it, I was kind of hoping I could mix and match a hero with a tower builder, and perhaps that there would be more customizable racial "sends." Just my agenda! It's a well made map regardless, in my opinion.
  7. Avatars Lord

    Avatars Lord

    Apr 2, 2014
    It is actually marked "Very Hard" and so is the Warrior race. They are not necessarily "very hard" but the players need to have experience in the game before playing them.

    Do you mean that you could choose your race and hero independently of the race? It can be added as a game mode.
    At first, I was going to make a special camp for each race, then I gave up on that idea. Maybe it can be picked up.

    Thank you for your input, I appreciate it ^^
  8. Killera


    Oct 5, 2013
    Your whole post with "constructive criticism" is flawed in literally every corner.
    Do you expect creators to dumb down their games just because YOU are too lazy to read descriptions?

    It serves you right when you fail just because you don't like reading important tooltips or hints.
    All you do is imply that those are "stupid and unnecessary" mechanics but I'm going to tell you the truth: you're just some unskilled player who's blaming the game because you can't comprehend what's going on.

    For example; you can just bind unit and structure groups to hotkeys (e.g. heroes binded to 1, fountain of mana binded to 2, creep camps binded to 3-6).
    I don't see the issue how it's difficult to micro a mana fountain and 3 heroes at the same time...

    Well now let's talk about the high guard race that you think is so "poorly made and bugged"...

    First of all, what abilities of the high guard heroes "don't work"?
    If you're talking about the priest's holy rain then I must disappoint you because it's literally flame strike which means it has a casting time. You cancel it while casting? Too bad, nothing will happen and you just wasted your mana.
    This doesn't mean that the ability is "bugged and doesn't work".

    Now let's get to the second point and take a look at the high guard heroes:
    Once the three heroes (especially Sharpshooter and Priest) are buffed up enough you will not only dominate any wave (including yours and other player's leaks) but you will also dominate the forest:
    In other words; those heroes are unstoppable IF you can play and micro them properly and this is where you fail at. You can't use them due to your lack of skill and that's why you think they are bad.

    I've played enough games to proof that they're the strongest race "hero" in the game who are limited by the high multitasking skills they require which leads to "high risk, high reward".
    If you don't believe me then I'll just post the replay next time I play with those heroes.

    My conclusion: Your review is not from an objective point of view and is solely based off your skill gap, playstyle and opinions which makes it subjective.
    This is literally like saying
    In order to write constructive criticism you need to be able to forget about your subjective opinions and analyse if it has any potential in an objective way.
    I didn't like the high guard heroes either when I played them for the first time but I knew they had potential after I looked at their abilities and saw how powerful those could become because they sounded good on paper.
    I don't think that @Avatars Lord needs any more of your "constructive criticism" because it's anything but "constructive criticism".

    This is all I wanted to say on this matter, thought I'd give my own opinion.

    Have a good day.
  9. Ulfsire


    Sep 18, 2017
    Yeah, my ideal would be you choose a hero type, a builder type, and a creep send "race" all independently - that way you could create a custom strategy. BUT there's definitely an argument for being limited by your builder choice to certain heroes. A special camp for each race sounds great, and is what I meant. If it can be chosen independently of your tower builder, then you also don't have to worry as much about balancing (since anyone can pick it) although you'd obviously want them all to be balanced.
  10. Hamsamwich


    Sep 25, 2009
    Yeah I must apologize, I was too drunk that night (but that isn't an excuse), and had played 2 (actually awful) games before hand, so i was in a negative mood. And then was triggered by my unit disappearing when I trained a second (cheaper) one.
  11. Avatars Lord

    Avatars Lord

    Apr 2, 2014
    I added that game mode "-af" ^^. TBH race special creeps seem too much time consuming since we have 16 races now. If I were to add it, each race would probably have 3-4 units to send.

    Apology accepted :) I hope you have better and fun games