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Hero revival trigger?

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Level 13
Oct 16, 2010
So i've got an idea for a trigger but i've tried it a few times and it's failed every time.

So the trigger would be basically to revive a hero THROUGH an altar. But the hero is not a specific hero. So basically the trigger will say "If player has a dead hero, revive dead hero from random altar".

This trigger would only be there for an AI system. So the trigger would only select computer players.
Ok.Might sound weird but here is a way of doing it.First of all,create a fake altar that makes units.2)Place 3 altars,for example on the map.make a trigger with event - when a hero dies.Create a variable as Integer.As action,set variable X(integer) = random integer nr. between 1 and 3.wait 0,01 seconds.Then make the thing" if all conditions are true,then do actions etc" .Careful to select the one with multiple possible conditions and actions.We will name it A so it would be simple to understand(in talking).Set as conditions of A to "integer = 1) .As action ,make one of the fake altars,whichever u want train a unit that has time equal to the revive time of the hero.I asume you know how to make conditions and actions depending on the hero level,but this is not really important,for you can make the revive instant and just add special effects and stuff.So revive hero at the altar's region.Next,make a copy of the A in the same trigger and place a B.Set the exact same things but with integer = 2,another altar etc.Damn long
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