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[General] Hero glow? How to make this model show team glow?

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Level 10
Apr 18, 2009
Make a dummy ability based off of "Life Regeneration Aura (Neutral)". Set "Amount of Hit Points Regenerated" to 0.00. Set "Art - Target" to your hero glow model. Add the dummy ability to the unit that you want to have the team coloured hero glow.
Level 30
Nov 29, 2012
Look at this thread for a reference: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/...v=status=g&t=8&search=hero%20glow&d=list&r=20

And to quote what ChirusHighwind said there...

~All the answers to your heroglow questions~
If You're slow on Triggers:
To attach this, to any unit, make a custom spell(For the Sphere spell, Human, unit). Changes the "Art - Missle" catagories to 0, None, False, 0. Change "Art - Target" to the model file of the hero glow, then change the "Art - Target Attachment Point 1" to "origin", and clear the other two strings. Change the number of attachments ("Art - Target Attachments") to 1. Name your spell to something such as "Hero Aura" and then add it to your unit.
(Note: Make a trigger that so if a unit of this type is built or summoned, its coloring is changed to the color of the player. that will make the hero glow stay the same according to players.)

For Talented Map Makers that just dont get it:
The trigger will look like this:
Hero Aura
Unit - A unit Finishes training a unit
Unit - A unit Spawns a summoned unit
((Unit-type of (Summoned unit)) Equal to Type of Your unit) or ((Unit-type of (Trained unit)) Equal to Type of Your unit)
Special Effect - Create a special effect attached to the origin of (Summoned unit) using Your Model
Special Effect - Create a special effect attached to the origin of (Trained unit) using Your Model

Note: Make a copy of the condition for every unit with the hero aura.

Hope that helps. Hope someone reads it. Hope i can get to sleep tonight thinking about the butterfly effect which i watched last night because i am still thinking about the course of my life and what would happen if i could change it.

It actually does not work manually anymore like when you give the effects to the unit, it will change its color. So the above statement maybe can help you.

But to note, Licheus' way should work for you!
How come it doesn't work? I tried and it works just fine.

These are what I did:
1. I downloaded this version of hero glow model:

2. And then I made a custom skill based on Life Regeneration Aura (Neutral)
These are the data fields that I set:

3. After that, I added the custom skill to one of the units, I used footmen for this one.

4. I tested ingame, this is what happened

I tested both on preplaced unit and spawned units via triggers. Both worked fine.


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I see. I managed to get a working trigger to show how to solve it, however I am not sure about efficiency stuff.

  • Untitled Trigger 002
    • Events
      • Map initialization
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • For each (Integer Variable) from 1 to 6, do (Actions)
        • Loop - Actions
          • Player - Change color of (Player(Variable)) to Red, Changing color of existing units
      • For each (Integer Variable) from 7 to 12, do (Actions)
        • Loop - Actions
          • Player - Change color of (Player(Variable)) to Blue, Changing color of existing units
      • Trigger - Add to Untitled Trigger 003 <gen> the event (Unit - A unit enters (Entire map))
Add this trigger. Say if your Team 1 players range from red to yellow, then it should be loop 1 to 5 instead. You know how to work around this stuff.
Now the problem with the trigger above is that it only solves the coloring problem for the preplaced units.

To make work for units that will be spawned later during the game, add this.
  • Untitled Trigger 003
    • Events
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)
        • If - Conditions
          • ((Triggering unit) belongs to an ally of Player 1 (Red)) Equal to True
        • Then - Actions
          • Unit - Change color of (Triggering unit) to Red
        • Else - Actions
          • Unit - Change color of (Triggering unit) to Blue
Why no event? I already added the event at the first trigger (Trigger - Add to Untitled Trigger 003 <gen> the event (Unit - A unit enters (Entire map))).

For the leak nazis, I repeat, I am not sure about its efficiency, but it should give you an idea how to do it.
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