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Help! Trying to add hero glow model to a unit with no origin reference.

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Level 20
Jul 14, 2011
Did you test with other attachment points?

HeroGlow to the "Fountan Of Regeneration" Ability Target effect attached to chest/origin and give the ability no stats. Put the ability in the unit. The icon will not display, and the model HeroGlow will take the player color.

From HeroGlow moderator comment said:
Pyritie: Could be useful. I should also mention that you should use an ability like the healing fountain's AoE heal as a dummy ability. That one changes the attachment's team color when the unit has that ability. Of course set the values to 0 and stuff. ;P

EDIT: I checked the model and it does have all it's attachment points. You must be doing something wrong somewhere.
Level 3
Sep 9, 2009
For future references in case you do encounter a model with incomplete attachment points, then you'd have to add them yourself.

Open the model in Magos.
Go to Node Manager.
Right click on a blank space.
Click add attachment points.
Where you click depends on what kind of attachments you're adding.
For example, origin atttachments...just right click on the root bone and add attachments.
For hand attachments, just right click on the hand bones.

Next thing to do is to set the attachment's coordinates. You need mdlvis to do that. However, for origin attachments, I think it's fine if you just set the Z axis to -5.00.

Just right click on the attachment and choose edit or edit node.

If you don't want to work with mdlvis then I guess you could just copy the coordinates of the bones the attachments are...attached to.

Edit: there's probably another field somewhere that attaching it to the overhead. Make sure origin is the only attachment point I guess.
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