Hero Arena, ORPG & a Hero Arena ORPG

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Jan 23, 2008
Hello first I would just like to start off by saying I'm looking for people for a couple very different projects, and you don't have to be involved with all of them if you don't want to I'm just looking for experienced mappers to help me with a huge work load that I have come across when the ideas spilled out of my head, Anyway the story goes...

Forum for these 3 projects: http://mappers.freeforums.org/
Please if you have an interest in any of these feel free to register

Here are the screen shots, more will be added later

The Land Before Time (ORPG)

There have been so many great ORPG's in Warcraft's history I think its time to create one that will be on peoples lips until when ever people stop playing Warcraft III. The biggest thing I think that an ORPG needs is replayablility and soul. So other than writing a huge paragraph first I will just show you my idea's upfront.

My main idea is to:
- Create a variety of classes (Here is some of my idea's for classes "click here")
- Exp System (Where you don't grind or quest, you get taught how to fight to level up)more info
- Create hundreds to thousands of custom items
- Have "well" planned professions to create an amazing economy
- Many memorable boss encounters
- Have many maps to the ORPG (Hero Arenas, Mini Games, Dungeons)
- Have a Inventory System (Likely this one)
- PvP rounded attributes (This means that the attributes in this game will be optimized for PvP but will still be extremely useful for PvE. This is to make skill one of the deciding factors in PvP and will build greater skills in PvE)
- A interesting storyline that has no quests, the only way that you can do quests is if you make them up yourself but there will be rewards for following the storyline. The only way to follow the storyline is to read books found on the map, talking to npcs, finding artifacts, etc. If you wish not to do the storyline it wont effect your character you just miss out on cool rewards.

Ok those are the things that I would like to have implemented into the map how it is done really doesn't matter to me. Anyone that would like to help with a completely blank idea for an ORPG including these things to the fullest just post here and I will put together a team to build this monster.

I have the skills needed to complete this project but since the work size of completing a project this size is enormous I need help to complete it, I'm looking for anyone with any skill that could help me realize this goal.

Stage : Planning

Aschy Warriors ( AoS )

This game is much like Koei's Dynasty Warriors but instead of destroying gates to stop enemy troops you now destroy gates to change the owner of the gate.

I have started much of this project and I am looking for someone who can create some cool multi boards to go along with it, and/or someone who likes to create and balance large numbers of custom heroes and spells.

This game features 2 playing methods. Players 1 & 2 the first players on each force are the army players, which means you can control where all the troops will attack and buy useful upgrades for your army. And players 3 to 12 are the heroes.

What I am looking for:

1. Someone who can create excellent game boards to tally kills, owner of gates, etc.

2. Someone who has lots of ideas for heroes and abilities. Want to contribute your idea just post them here.

Misc Info: A test version can become aviliable in the near future. Max hero level 14 (This could change but right now I'm using all of unique heroes in Warcraft III. They all only have spells for up to level 10 plus I gave each one attribute bonus. Before the Official version is released I will make all new heroes, and try completely remove all leaks)

Stage : Removing leaks n' testing


This project is one of my favorite just because of the idea that I concocted for it. Its much unlike any ORPG that I have seen anyone create to this time. It uses the Warcraft 3 original units, heroes, buildings, items (Don't worry there will be plenty of other customs) and maps to show off this new type of ORPG. The idea of the game is that like wow it has 2 factions Alliance and Horde doing battle with each other, The only objective of the game is to complete your only quest which is different for each map. This game also will include an extensive item combination charts so you can take your character to the next level of pain but don't forget to save before you leave the map cause there will be a save/load function.

With this project I'm looking for another Hero, Item and Ability Creator.

What I am looking for:

1. Hero Creator/ Item Creator/ Ability Creator . Want to contribute post your idea here.

2. Multi board Creator

3. Someone who can create a melee AI with a couple differences. Rebuilding buildings only where they were destroyed, and custom unit attack groups and advanced Hero AI. (I have already started a simple form of Hero AI that I may just finish myself for its super easy to manipulate. But I need a melee AI running and a custom trigger Hero AI and right now they conflict)

Misc Info: I maybe releasing a test version in the near future. Max level 10 (I'm using all of the heroes from Warcraft 3 so they only support up to level 10 for abilities, at this moment plus this game is more about finishing your objective and gear rather than who has a higher level.)

Stage : Removing leaks, adding a but load of items, then testing

If you need any additional information please post here or send me an e-mail at [email protected]

This post will be updated as new information becomes availiable
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Feb 5, 2008
(Name changed from Ordinn ORPG story is under complete overhaul, name is also subject to change)

Good riddance to all that old writing. The only use I've found of it is as a resume to show that I can write long paragraphs :smile:.
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Sep 30, 2008
heya :)

I started an ORPG A while back called "Rosaria ORPG" but never got round to finishing it. However, I did finish the terrain aspect of the map :) If you want, you can have the terrain part of the map, and build your's around it :p

If you want to see some screenshots use this link:


Just give me credit for the terrain somewhere if you use it :) Does'nt need to be anything too obvious :p maybe just a reference in the quest menu or something :p

But yes! just let me know if you want it :)
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Oct 28, 2007
I'll be glad to give ideas as well as making both multi boards (if you want?). Altough what do you want the multi board to do? Like just display for example: Player Name. Kills, Deaths, Level... or do you want like: Players sorted by kills - deaths, flashing texts, constantly changing icons.... that stuff since they take somewhat longer? What do you want on your multiboad?

Hero Ideas:

Knight of Redemption:
Aura of Vengence: All nearby units deal bonus damage based on the persentage life the knight of redemption has left.

Level 1: +0.4% for each persentage of life missing
Level 2: +0.5% for each persentage of life missing
Level 3: +0.6% for each persentage of life missing
Level 4: +0.7% for each persentage of life missing
Level 5: +0.8% for each persentage of life missing

Holy Word: Deals damage to enemy units as well as healing allies and increasing their damage. Heals equal to damage dealt.
Level 1: 50 damage +15% damage for 4 seconds
Level 2: 100 damage +20% damage for 5 seconds
Level 3: 150 damage +25% damage for 6 seconds
Level 4: 200 damage +30% damage for 7 seconds
Level 5: 250 damage +35% damage for 8 seconds

Cooldown: 8. Mana Cost: 75

Divine Perseverance: Increase the heroes armor. When used target gains that bonus in armor for 8 seconds, but the hero does not recieve that bonus again for 20 seconds. Has an unlimited cast range.

Level 1: +2 armor
Level 2: +3 armor
Level 3: +5 armor
Level 4: +6 armor
Level 5: +8 armor

Ulti: Divine Influance: Whenever the knight of redemption should die from damage it becomes invulnerable for a few seconds.During this time the knight of redemption is able to be targeted by spells, but all damage is ignored.

Level 1: 3 seconds
Level 2: 4 Seconds
Level 3: 5 Seconds
Level 4: 6 Seconds

Cooldown: 120

Is that okay?
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Jan 23, 2008
@ Ghoulrush

Good riddance to all that old writing. The only use I've found of it is as a resume to show that I can write long paragraphs :smile:.

Ahhh if it isn't my favorite Storywriter. It wasn't the fact that I really wanted to change your story. I loved the story personally, I just had a lot of ideas for what happens later in the game and it would have really conflicted with your storyline.

@ CloudWolf

Thank you very much Couldwolf for your offer I will take a look at your map as soon as I have the time to. I would be glad to reference your name if I use it.

@ Kyton

Well for Aschy Warriors I want a one similar to the one thats like in dota, so yeah all I basically want in it is /Player Name/Hero Kills/Deaths/ Possibly the heros icons after the name but that doesnt really have to be included. But the multiboard will look a little different for THC ORPG I would like to have /Player Name/Level/Creep Kills/Hero Kills/Deaths/

Thanks for the great hero ideas thats exactly what I am looking for, I would do it myself but I lack a lot of creativity.
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Jan 23, 2008
rofl, whats up void yes it was.

Yeah that project crashed and burned pretty quick, I wasn't in the best mind frame when I started that. I was never truly dedicated to that project because I was just about going out ever night and spending all my money. Not like it has changed but now I live in the middle of no where and have all the time in the world when I'm not working or in town.

btw sorry about that void I would have really liked to work with you on that project.