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The heretic hounds are majorely copound of this kind of Zombie...

Heretic, zombie, corpse, dead, undead, death, cripple, rotten, diseased, disease

Heretic (Texture)

THE_END: Great Zombie skin, absolutely love it
Level 11
Nov 9, 2004
I dont like it...
just kidding.
Or am I?
You never know with me...
But realy...
Dont skin in this style...
its got a dirty 2d style that doesn't flow evenly.
Man...Your only problem is how you compose the skin.
You make it like everthing is a different section with a very dark edge.You should make it flow together evenly and give lots of detail.
The colors are too bland for me...
Face is one of the worst parts in this...look into human anatomy or good non warcraft 3 skinning face tutorials.
The pentagrams and stuff in the screenshots are awsome.
but...This isn't even close to my favorites of yours.
3/5 :?
Level 21
Jul 3, 2004
The thing is the really detailed and art skins don't fit with the 3d engine of wc3, i noticed that, so i make my skins in a cartoon style. I try also to add a bit realism, but for the moment i'm still searching my style, i'ld like to find an original mix between the realism and the cartoon... :p :wink:
Level 1
Apr 22, 2007
I can't get this skin to work,I give it a units\Creeps\Zombie\ZombieA.blp path and it doesn't work, please help!