Help with new SpecialEffect natives

Level 6
Mar 7, 2011
this topic is sortof inbetween forums, but im posting here because this is where my knowledge is thinnest. i'm trying to script two special effects: spell shield (Abilities\Spells\Items\SpellShieldAmulet\SpellShieldCaster.mdl) and either war stomp (Abilities\Spells\Orc\WarStomp\WarStompCaster.mdl) or thunderclap (Abilities\Spells\Human\Thunderclap\ThunderClapCaster.mdl)

for spell shield, i'm unable to rotate the effect using yaw, pitch or roll. i think that i want to rotate the effect via yaw, as that's whats working for my breath of fire effect. the only way ive found to effect its angle is to target a unit, in which case it inherits the units angle, which won't work for me. any ideas how i can modify the base model so that i can rotate the effect freely?

for the two stompy effects, i'm unable to scale the size of the ground cracks using the new BlzSetSpecialEffectScale scripting native. the native only seems to scale the size of a different particle effect. ideally, id change the behavior so the ground crack texture scaled and the particle effect didnt. any thoughts on how i could achieve at least the first part of this?

im attaching the models because i dont know if you need to see them to give an answer or not. im expecting to need to do any suggested edits


  • spellshieldcaster.mdx
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  • thunderclapcaster.mdx
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  • warstompcaster.mdx
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