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[Trigger] help with an trigger how do i make units come

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Level 7
Jan 13, 2008
i mean how do i make a trigger when unit comes like ....
if i hve a hero map i want units to come on map all the time after sum seconds..

like after 5 min balrog coming from no where to an area.
and after 10 min this units coming to this area and so on how i make that kind of trigger?

like i have a balrog in creep list and i want balrog to come up on my map then he gona go to a place after that..

like if i have map there is no balrog and then i want balrog to come from the left corner walking in the map...
Ok, you better give me plus rep for this.

1.Create a region and call it whatever you want, I will call mine example1. Where you want balrog to start.

2.Create another region, I will call mine example2. This is where you want him to go.

3.Create a trigger. Make event-map initialization.
Make action-wait 10 minutes.(its in second so you will have to calculate that)
Make another action-create 1 balrog for player <whatever> at center of region example1.

4.Create another trigger. Make event-unit enters region.
Make condition-entering unit equal to balrog.
Make action-issue command <move> to entering unit with target point <center of region example2>.

5.Test and enjoy.

I hope this helped, +rep to me please.
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