[Cinematic] Help with a plot/story for my new series

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Apr 3, 2009
Greetings everyone.I want to start making new cinematic series and I've figured out the general idea but i need ideas and someone to help me out with the story.
What i have already thought of:
The story takes place in a fantasy world with magical creatures,spirits,humans,magic etc.
In this world balance is kept between every living creature.That balance is kept by mystical spirits,little ghost that kinda look like whisps. They are called 'Sprites'.When evil creatures break the balance,the sprites must use their powers in order to stop them.But by being spiritual creatures and thus not having an actual body or a chance to fight back,each sprites finds it's own human.The sprites grand those chosen ones with their powers, they become wielders of their power and the sprites use them to stop the evil and restore balance.
There is a spirit world.Where all the spirits,ghost and souls go.The spirit world is full of magic and mystical powers,it is the place from where all the sprites get their powers from by being spirits themselves.
I guess thats all. Any ideas for any characters,story etc. Pls coment and help for my new series. Thank u to everyone who assists,i will +rep everyone who helps.
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May 11, 2010
Hmmm.... interesting.....
I'll try to help.
You are military captain who finds a Daemon in a cave during patrol. You don't know about the spirites because Mages' Council hides that from the rest of the kingdom. However, Deamon introduces to you Spirit world and offers you to join. You don't accept and, after very long battle, you defeat it. During few next weeks, you feel like being watched. Agents of Mages' Council are watching you! You discover that and go to their main Citadel to tell them to stop doing that. Citadel is home to 3 Great mages. They say that you need to vanquish Daemon God in order to achieve peace. They give you Essence of Light, very powerful item that, combined with Essence of Darkness, can even destroy worlds! After long trip to some ruins and exploring them, you find out that everything was trap! Three Grand mages are Deamon High Lords! You kill them somehow, and take mystical tome which was dropped by one of them. After reading tome, you discover that you need to consume 3 sacred souls to destroy Daemon God. You find their locations in tome and find and consume them. After you consume the last one, portal to the Daemon world opens and you destroy Daemon God with Essence of Soul (Essence of Light + 3 sacred souls).

That was, of course, just basic outline of plot. You should add many more characters, many many many details to the story......

I hope it helped.

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Dec 26, 2004
Hum ...
I prefer a more drastic and original plot.

So every while monsters appears and the ''sprites'' take control of the human's body and minds to vanquish the monsters.
Very few humans are chosen for there Pure heart as ''Sprite containers'', and once the sprites have left the body, the human regain conscience and has a little bit of the sprite's power left in him.

Thus are born a group of Humans that are called the ''gifted'', they were formally chosen by sprites, and so they have a little magic left in them ... Some can heal, others can cast different attack magics ... And so On...

So at this point of history you actually have :

- Normal human beings
- Sprites
- Human beings that are temporary controlled by humans ( Usually Only for a very short time ... to fight some strong monster)
-And finally the Gifted humans .. who were controlled in the past by the sprites, have lost most of the sprites powers but still have an ability...

And then ... Some strange Event Occurs ...
Monsters begin to appear with less and less sprites coming to help the humans ...

So you, a gifted human, journey through the world in search of other gifted humans to fight these monsters and hopefully reveal the mystery about why the sprites are becoming less and less present...

Beware though, because you'll encounter during your journey some gifted humans who have lost their pure hearts and have become drunk with power...

I let you write the rest :p Hope it helped.
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Dec 26, 2004
It turned out that there is a monster clan, a group of ogres that eat ''Sprites'' for supper, thus reducing greatly their numbers...
The sprites are eaten before they can enter a human's body ... so it's horrible :( ...
Anyway, One of your goals would be to Kill these brutes Blue ogres and free the poor sprites from their tummies !

Try to make a comical part :p ... Depicting grotesque and foolish Ogres for instance ..
Anyway ... your only limit is your imagination, so ... good luck :p
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May 19, 2010
Here's my Idea.

The World was at peace, Everything was at its finest. The World couldn't be at it's most glorious. Until...

The Dark Elements of the world began to feel envious of the creatures living in the physical world. They sought to gain control of everything, but alas, they are unable to break the boundaries between the spirit world and the physical world. The Dark Elements asked the help of the most powerful beings in the spirit world, The Sprites. Not knowing the intentions of the Dark Elements, The Sprites gave them the knowledge to focus their energies and possess the bodies of the living. The Dark Elements knew that if the Sprites found out what they were planning, they would be cast into the endless void of the Spirit World. The Dark Elements took the advantage of surprise, taking the Sprites off-guard. The Sprites did not have a chance to defend themselves and they were destroyed.

The Dark Elements began to seize control, taking power among the Kingdoms and waging wars against one another. The Dark Elements became mad with their knew found Freedom and everything started to fall apart. Chaos, Death, Tragedies fell upon the living. But little did the Dark Elements know, a few sprites managed to survive the onslaught in the spirit world and they knew the way to break the bond between spirit and living...
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May 4, 2010
A group of young travelers are pledged with sprites, and they have traveled across the world as their destiny to help those in need. Although some evil sprite-bearers are present, these young travelers defeat those evil spirit-bearers by using their magical powers such as fire, ice, and earth abilities, and healing, too, to free the helpless sprite back into the spiritual world.

On their journey to wherever, the small group of travelers seek other spirit-bearers to pile their group with talented ones to defeat the devious lord that starts global havocs...

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Nov 11, 2005
I think your story concept need some slight change...
Here's some idea I came up while reading this post...

The story take place in a Fantasy world filled with Humans, Magic, and Mystical Creatures. In that world, every being plays a role on keeping the World in balance, while the Mystical Spirits (a.k.a Sprites) keep check of this balance. When Evil Creatures tries to break the balance, these Sprites will use their Powers in order to stop them. The Evil Creature however has a physical body, and the Sprites are unable to harm anything Physical. So in order to overcome this disability, they seek out physical beings to perform their task by granting them their Powers. Through this, the Evil Creatures can be defeated and the balance of the world can be restored.

The Sprites source of power comes from the Spirit World, where all spirits goes to. It is a world filled with endless powers.

Humanoids (Humans, Elves, etc) - Most populated beings in the world. Suitable candidates for the Sprites.

Sprites - Spirits of great Power. Granting their candidate power through 2 method (Blessing, Possession). In special cases, instill their power into items through 2 method (Blessing, Possession). Responsible for the existence of various classes in the World.

Evil Creatures - Beings of Evil Intention, seeks to wreak havoc and break the balance of the world.
Etc - ...

Sprites can grant their candidate with only limited power through 'Blessing'. However, Sprites can grant their candidate with untold power through 'Possessing (infusing the Sprite's spirit with their candidate). Here are some example;

1. Through 'Blessing' gives birth to minor classes like Mage, Cleric, etc. Their power can be sharpen to equal that of power granted by 'Possession' with time.

2. Through 'Possessing' gives birth to major classes like Archmage, Paladin, etc. They can bless other being their power and teach them how to wield it.

3. Candidates who are 'Blessed' can be stripped of their power by the Sprite who grant them those power.

4. Powers granted through 'Possession' cannot be removed, and there are effects from obtaining power through this method;
4.1. If the Sprite's will is STRONGER than the candidate's, the Sprite will dominate the body.
4.2. If the Sprite's will is EQUAL with the candidate's, both will merge as one and share the body.
4.3. If the Sprite's will is WEAKER than the candidate's, the Candidate will dominate the Sprite's spirit. This will lead to 2 consequences;
4.3.1. If the Candidates is PURE in heart, the Candidate will be a Lawful Being.
4.3.2. If the Candidates is EVIL in heart, the Candidate will be a Evil Creature.

Sprites can instill limited power through 'Blessing' into items. However, Sprites can instill items with untold power through 'Possessing (infusing the Sprite's spirit into the item). By using the Item, the user can unleash the Sprites power through it.

Now that I'm done with the Concepts, Let's go to the Storyline, Characters, etc...

The story starts with a Human Boy running away from Evil Minions who destroyed his village at night. He was saved from those minions by an Elven Huntress. Finding it strange for Evil Minions to chase after people, both of them sets out to visit the Huntress' Mentor, an Elven Archmage, for answers (The answer: The boy is the offspring of a 'Sprite Possess Couple' a.k.a capable of channeling powers from the Spirit World directly). Meanwhile, other Evil Minions have picked up their trail and began chasing after the boy.

How the story goes from this point onward is UP TO YOU...

Human Boy - A Teenage Human Boy. The offspring of a 'Sprite Possess Couple'. Capable of greatness if his abilities is sharpened.

Elven Huntress - A Teenage Elven Girl and skilled Huntress in her right. Has a Tragic Past which she prefer not to talk about. Uses a 'Sprite Possess Bow'.

Elven Archmage - A 100 years old Elven Man who's spirit is dominated by a Sprite through 'Possession'. Once a friend to the Candidate (before the Candidate's transformation into the Evil Lord).

Evil Minion - Minions of an Evil Lord. Consist of variety of creature turn evil by the Evil Lord.

Evil Lord - A 100 years old Candidate with an Evil Heart who's spirit dominates the Sprite through 'Possession'. Plans to siphon all the power in both the Physical and Spirit World into himself, becoming a GOD and rule both world.
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