[Cinematic] after some help for story line with my cinematic series to come

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Jul 9, 2008
after some help with story line for my cinematic series to come

i have been watching alot of cinematic and i got right into them and know im going to make my own series

Revenge of The Blademaster

My Basic Story Line
The story is about a young blademaster's father is killed by the human king and he is after Revenge for his fathers death. no one knows who his mother is. The humans invaded the orc town/city (whatever you want to call it) and the human king himself killed the blademasters father. Know the blademaster's son is at a small vilage and gets trained by the same person who trained his father. after he is trained he goes on his way to try and kill the king but he has to do alot of stuff before he can invade the human castle(im not sure what thats what i need some help on). the Blademaster's son will do any thing and evry thing he can to get his fathers revenge on the human king.

Im after some help with
-making the story line better and more interesting
-filling in the parts for where the blademaster's son invades the human castle
-i also want a traitor in the story but i dont know how to bring him/her into the story
-the young blade master has to kill a dragon gaurding somthing to help him kill the human king i have no idea what i can use
- also any more sugestions on how to make parts of the storyline to link together some how
-any other suggestions to add

need any more info please ask
i have a trailer for my upcomeing cinematics ill up load it here when it is finished it just needs some touch ups/ polishing
i have also started on the first basic part of the story were the humans attack the orc city/town/or whatever and the blademaster is killed and his son escapes with a shaman
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Jun 12, 2010
Make a scene, whit the young blademaster as a child, and his father fighting the king.

*Idea for scene*

Human soldiers and Orcs fight.
Suddenly a loud roar comes from the middle of the fight.
Its the blademaster and king that fights.
Everything around them stops, and just when the blademaster is about to win, a human mage entangels him and the king kills him.

The Young Blademaster sees all of this, and as a child, abandoned, he dont know what to do. So he stays inside his house. They burn down most of the town/city but need to leave before the night comes. As the smell of blood attracts dragons. The Young Blademaster sees the humans go away, then he run... He run and run untill his legs cant carry him. He see a shadow among some trees, then its black.

*Ten Years Later*

The young blademaster named: Anything, but lets call him Bob. Creates a mirror image of himselfe at the same time he becomes visible and attacks his master from four sides.
But his master parry this easly but doesn't see the four other mirror images.
They hit him and he dissapares. Then he takes them out and then Bob jumps forward to him, splitting in four, and launches two shockwaves and two bladestorms. The master parrys this to, but then he get caught from behind by the real blademaster.

Thats all I can come up whit for now, as i need to work on my own map to :)
Good luck on this mate, as this have a huge potential, and i belive you know how to use it :)