[Solved] [HELP] Play an unit's animation?

Level 8
Aug 7, 2009
hello there,..
I want to ask about animations today,..
what to use when it's animation tag is "stand - 2"? in "Animation - Play unit's ??? animation" ??
Stand 2? or Stand two?
As same as attack, etc...
If you need more infomation, just ask
I can't explain it well..
Level 25
Aug 18, 2009
These additions work like variations or modifiers. You cannot specify them exactly. Stand - 2 belongs to the stand group. There is a Play Unit Animation With Rarity action, each animation is a rarity assigned, like the Footman drinks sometimes from his bottle, which is a stand animation but much more often executes the other stuff. Play With Rarity can favor "rare" or "often" animations within a group but that is kind of imprecise.

To properly make the unit play a certain animation, use the Jass function
native SetUnitAnimationByIndex takes unit whichUnit, integer whichAnimation returns nothing
Animations have a numeric id, counting upwards, starting with 0. This id can be read out from the model. In case you are not familiar with modelling, may as well try the numbers out.