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Help Creating A Game

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Well I'm thinking of doing a Civ 5 type game, as I already have the terrain I'll need.
There will be many many many 'random' variables in the game (example being weather, asteroids hitting, etc).
The only problem I forsee is creating all the bloody researches. I'm pretty fluent with the editor, but creating researches gives me a headache.

I think this thread belongs in this category because:
what I'm basically asking is if anyone would be willing to create researches for me.
I would create all the icons, and a full tree of what is needed for what, and I would do the rest (unit requirements etc).
I'd be willing to put credits in your name on the load screen "Made by Rispetto & <insertname>".

I'm not going through with this unless I know someone would be up to the task =]

Edit: There will only be one significant change from the real civ 5: it will be RTS, not turn based.
So it is not Civilization related at all?

Also what about the auto research system?

Well that can be implemented with triggering. I'm only asking that someone create the actual data of research itself so I can begin.
I'll be starting on tuesday, work on it all day as well as wednesday as those are my two days off from work.
It'll begin with using my open resource blank world map, as well as many many WoW rips such as barbarians and such.

And it will be a civ game in the sense of maintaining happiness, collecting resources from the land, and creating / leveling cities as well as progressing through the ages.
I'm also (ofc) going to be delving into a global status .. or "achievement" score with banks, but I'll need to fiddle with banks before I'm comfortable with them.
Maybe we'll even host a tournament, who knows.

It'll be fairly easy to do; my terrain and units are already there. It's just a matter of polishing and then making random events like weather etc.
Level 5
Dec 13, 2008
I will love you for making such a map, I love Civ 5(although Civ 4 is better).
I'd like to help you, but I'm busy myself. Looking forward to this map though.
Level 5
Dec 13, 2008
All players would be starting off FFA or Team? In teams on Civ 5 Research is shared, which means it would take longer in turns.
I do not think it would be much harder than making the research system in the first place.

Actually the automated research system will be simple.
Triggers will identify when a certain year is reached, and then give it to the players.
The research name of course will be the year in which it is required.

Marine - Unit
Behavior: Requirements Have 'Year 2050'
I thought the game ended at 2050...

Also I thought research would be manual seeing as research strategies is half the point of Civilization games. Why not make a full Civilization inspired tech system...

I'm going to have research where it's needed and not where it isn't (I.E researching granaries to get +1 food out of grass land tiles is not really needed..)
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