[General] Helms Deep Map Troubles

Level 1
Apr 20, 2014
Hello ^^

I was wondering if anyone knew of a good helms deep map, or any good maps with single player defending? It must have attacking AI, and generally be structured/balanced well.

I've found some really good ones on here such as helm deep advanced and the helms deep 1.7 w/ AI.

The problem that I have when doing certain maps is that it can be hard to manage all 5-6 heroes at once, and make it possible to move well. Also, some of the AI won't ever attack the main gate, but will attack the sides.

Id be really happy if anyone can give me some tips on this~

Thanks! :)
Level 6
Mar 30, 2014
An AI is really simple and whats your problem exactly? and if it is AI then Its Simple