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Helm's Deep Full v 8.4

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Current version presented by Chris-Yamaha (AKA Chris_Yamaha), v5.0 - v8.4. Previous helpers are Khamul_2003, Sw1mmerFL256, Kinoss, Snatch1, and Blood.of.Zel (permission granted)
Was a time of offense, was a time of defense. Control the Defenders of Rohan as the Lord of the Rings icon heroes -- Legolas, Haldir, Gimli, Aragorn, Theoden, Eowyn, and Gandalf. Control Isengard's forces to try and siege the walls of Helms Deep. Change the history of the event, and prevent Gandalf from coming at sunrise! This is all possible with Helm's Deep Full v8.4
This thirty minute game is broken up into three parts, with two sides. On the good side, there is Aragorn and such, and you use your armies to defend Helms Deep and prevent the Uruk-Hai from taking it over. Also, there is Gandalf in the White Mountains, where you must make your way through and bring the Rohirrum to the battle at sunrise. Then, you can also play Eowyn, who goes deep into the Glittering Caves to protect the women and children. On the other side is the White Hand, who use ladders, crossbowmen, lighters, and vicious Uruk-Hai to try and siege Helm's Deep. In the White Mountains, you can also try and prevent Gandalf from reaching Helm's Deep, therefore changing history and turning the table in the Uruk-Hai's favor.
These maps are updated often, with v8.5 to come out this summer. It is protected, but suggestions and bugs found can be told to Chris-Yamah via in game or through email. Thank you for playing this game.

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Helm's Deep Full v 8.4 (Map)

03:24, 20th Jul 2011 ap0calypse: Rejected.