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Level 1
Dec 23, 2007
Hello I'm AloAlo. I play on Lordaeron (USEast) :)
Name: My name is Kiko.
From: I'm from Yokohama, Japan.
Sex: I'm female. (I'm taken. :p)
Current Location: It's a secret to everyone. :p

Other information: I'm a mapmaker. I currently am creating a Tower Defense and a new map no one has seen before. :)

How is everyone? :D
DesKaladA, you totally missed the point.


Greetings, AloAlo, The Hive includes many talented Warcraft III modders of all skill levels among its users. New members (especially friendly ones) are always welcome. Take a look around and enjoy your stay, may it be long and productive!

Some good places to start include:Searching the site using the above link always helps, you can learn a lot that way: just reading and learning is usually the best place to start, especially if one feels overwhelmed.

Likewise, the tutorials can really teach ALL of us a thing or two.

The chat room is cool: lots of people can answer questions there.
  • A few other tips that might help too:
    • Always search first! Did I already mention THAT? :grin:
    • When creating a new thread, make the title VERY specific: so the site's search engine (and we users) can easily understand just what the thread contains.
    • Post your new threads in the proper forum: read the descriptions of each one so that you know what to post there.
    • If all else fails, just send a private message to one of the mods! They'll surely know how to help.
I know, I'm a Wolverabid Rip-off.
Level 2
Dec 11, 2007
Ayo, Konnichiwa, I used to do japanese but then I kept forgetting things. Well enjoy your stay.
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