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  • Uhmmm if you can, please send the Visitor's Message at MY page, instead of yours
    It'd be easier if I got a notifications from you ;D
    I am defskull, staying in Malaysia, a Malay...
    I saw you partnered up with scyap right?
    The project about DotA - History yeah ?
    I'm interested in that project and would like to participate in that project
    And uhhh... the way I look at it, is that this project has... died, right?
    So, I'm planning on to revive this project, along with you
    What do you say ?
    hey...may you introduce yourself? nice to meet you btw. sorry for my late reply. I hadn't logged on to hive for months!
    Hey, can you on your Garena ? I have requested to add you in my Garena Buddy List alongside with a proposal, if you're kind, please check it out okay ? Thanks in advance ;D
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