Hellfire Citadel (Outland)

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Hello friends,

as you can guess from the title: Yes i made my own attempt to recreate the Hellfire Citadel from Outland in Warcraft 3 Style.

While it is meant to be a Main building, it isn't meant to be upgradeable nor do i plan to make it upgradeable. It's purpose is solely meant to be a Special building that can't be build twice, but only once per map.

This Thread was used as help.

This Image was used as reference.

The Model can't have anything in the Tag field, otherwise it will crash the Editor.
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I know this, because i had the same problem.

Credits said:
Blizzard Entertainment:
The Artwork is made by them is taken as reference.

The Mesh is handmade by me.

Ujimasa Hojo:
The Birth mesh is retextured by him. Mesh taken from the FelOrcGreatHall.

If you use this model then give credits to me for this idea,
but don't distribute it and don't edit it without my permission!?!

BTNHellfireCitadelOutland (Icon)

Hellfire Citadel (Outland) (Model)

General Frank
A nice model as a unique building or doodad. Great use of textures. Good job.
Level 3
Dec 26, 2015
This looks awesome... an epic building. Man, I would love to see your version of a WC1 Stormwind Keep or an Epic Blackrock spire.
Level 3
Sep 27, 2018
The model is very good, but it does not work correctly when creating a unit with this model the editor recognizes it but when opening it again in the editor it stops working.


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Level 5
Apr 13, 2009
The Model can't have anything in the Tag field, otherwise it will crash the Editor.

I know this, because i had the same problem.
Can you please add a clear warning to your resource that one needs to do this before importing the model and restarting the editor if you do not intend to fix it? My working file became unusable and I had to resort to a backup of my map I had made the day before. I lost about two hours of work. Not everyone will have prudent back up policies and so they might lose substantially more work or even their entire map. I haven't encountered this kind of issue with imported models before so if there's a way to fix it, I'm not immediately aware of it.

@General Frank