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Heart of the Ancients

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Map name: Heart of the Ancients
Number of players: 2
Playable size: 124x124
Tileset: Village

Neutral buildings:

- 7 gold mines (12500);
- 2 Tavern;
- 2 goblin merchants;
- 2 goblin laboratories;
- 2 mercenary camps Icecrown Glacier;
- 1 marketplace;
- 1 fountain of health.


- 6 green camps;
- 14 orange camps;
- 3 red camps.

Heart of the Ancients (Map)

Level 26
Jan 4, 2020
Not bad at all, it's decent for a competitive melee map. very few tree gaps are exist.
-Mid fountain position might be too strong
-lv7 on shop is not a good idea. Shop need creep to be sleep during night time! : Lv7 creep+, all shadow_meld, golem, some campaign unit, few undead and most outland creep are all in this category.
-lv8 bot left camp position synergy feel a bit off. maybe try facing it somewhere else? +high ground? I haven't check it but if wisp able to scout from there might be too much.
-Lab need more space behind. it's need like 2x2 empty space (doesn't count blue area.)
Other than those abnormal stuff that newbie has you has to be aware of creep combination + tile that create a theme for both story telling from design and back-story like lore things, if you can do this stuff it could give you more of a rich feeling even though most player don't care about it.
Right now, it's feel like the creep is too random. Another stuff that you could improve is creep route. Some early part you did have a great idea, just lv11 camp pos is too safe imo and mid game feel lost. The map feel too big + too many creep. If you wanna do 1 great 1v1 map with normal size try goes with 84x84 - 96x96 size with 10 creep per side. You might get the idea better of how creep_flow should be like.