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Heal ability graphics problem

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Level 14
Aug 30, 2004
I made an ability called Bandage that is based on the medic's heal ability. When I duplicated it I also duplicated the actors, effects, and so on. I made 3 effects, one for each level of the hero ability. It works fine so far, but the graphics are off. It has three problems:

1). The beam never appears.
2). The graphics on the target (all the plus signs) stay forever.
3). The sound of the effect never goes away even after you stop casting it.

I've attached the map below.

I assume one of the actors drives these effects, but I looked at them all and they seem exactly like those for the regular heal ability, except instead of "Medic - Heal" they have "Bandage" for some of the events.

There are 5 actors for this ability:
- Medic Heal Model Copy
- Medic Heal Sound Copy
- MedicHealBeam (Unnamed) Copy
- MedicHealBeamImpactSite (Unnamed) Copy
- MedicHealBeamLaunchSite (Unnamed) Copy

Does anyone know where I should be looking?


  • autodual 10.SC2Map
    186.1 KB · Views: 60

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 63
Jan 18, 2005
As far as I can tell the actors of the ability are broken. The same effect happens if an error occurs when creating the beam for the normal medic (eg make the beam model not a valid beam and it will cause the normal medic to behave exactly like this). I do not know how to fix it as I do not know of an easy way to debug actor faults.
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