Headhunters CotR v1.17

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-Headhunters Clash of the Regions-
War has been declared between the three regions.
Tension is in the air as each region prepares their finest heroes for battle.
Bring us their heads!

Headhunters COTR is a battle arena map where you control and build a hero as the game progresses.
Your goal, as a team, is to eventually destroy the enemy castle and claim victory.
Select from a variety of heroes, units and abilities to counter whatever your enemy throws at you.


This is a continuation of the Headhunters Remake map:
It was created together with the original author Mr.anonym, but hasn't been shared since now.
The map has been in the works for years now, with us working on and off in short periods of time.
The map has been extended from the original map and has had a total re-touch on the entire map.
Terrain has been altered, terrain assets had a face-lift, skills have been added, several game-modes have been added,
skills have been balanced, units have been balanced, heroes have been added,
scripts have had a performance improvement, and many other things that i might have forgotten.

This version of the map has many added features added to it compared to the original map, Headhunters Remake:

General Information
Headhunters features custom hero creation and a larger focus on strategy in the form of choosing
which units will be sent towards the enemy, as well as upgrading units and towers.
Players are also able to build towers or replace old ones if they desire.
Kill enemies and opposing heroes to collect their bounty and use it to boost your forces.

- Chose a race and one of the heroes for that race!
- Buy abilities at the shops! you can find more advanced abilities around the map!
- Buy the same ability several times to increase it's level up to level 10!
- Kill units, towers, creeps and heroes to gain more wood/gold
- Each time you get a Hero kill, your bounty rises!
- Kill enemy heroes and get the bounty on their head!
- Use wood earned by killing to buy or upgrade new units at the base!

In-depth Description
The following images and explanations cover everything you might want to know in order to play the game effectively.
Since there are many things you can do in this map, it takes much to cover everything.
If you just want to get started, you can also just play against bots or go directly into multiplayer and try it out.

The game supports a total of 9 players spread out across 3 teams, and it is recommended that teams are balanced so that there are even teams.

Once started, there are some initial settings that can be enabled. The following list covers the description which can also be found in-game under the Quests (F9).

Setup Commands

Instant Respawn
all heroes are instantly revived upon death!

No Castle Repair
You will not be able to repair your castle!

Creeps off
No neutral creeps will spawn!

Normal Abilities
Just the spells and abilities you know from the original game, will be available!

Tower Regeneration
Your towers and castle will regenerate hitpoints over time!

IMBA speed
A fun mode, which makes every hero strong and fast!

Attribute Abilities
Every hero will get an ability according to their primary attribute!

All Random
Every player will get a random race!

No Limit
There is a stop of spawns if there are too many units in the game.
If you chose this mode, your units will keep spawning beyond that limit.

(WARNING!!! there is a reason for the limit so dont moan about crashes)

King of the Hill
-koth / -koths
You will get points for controlling mid. The first team which gets 10000 points will win the game!|n
In -koths (King of the Hill side) you will also get points for controlling one of the other lanes.

Small Map
The map will be smaller and you wont be able to get to the outer regions of the map.

(this automatically enables "Normal" and "Creeps Off")

No Book Trader
This disables the bookstore so you can't buy attribute books.

(You can still retrain your hero by using the Potions store)

User Commands:
Set camera height:
-zoom XXXX

Change team name:
-team .............

Once the game is set up, the first thing players have to choose is their races.
There will be 3 altars in each base that can be converted into one of the 4 standard race altars.
If an altar is not chosen before the timer in the top right runs out, the game chooses one at random for each non-built altar.
If there are more than 1 player on a team, the 2 players will have altars designated, meaning that they do not share the buildings,
and thus have to plan carefully what strategy they want to go with.

Once all altars are built, players can use their altars to create a baseline hero.
The hero determines what stat-line, main stat, attack method, etc. that the hero might have.

After a hero has been chosen, it is recommended to buy some initial abilities. The closest shops are the ones inside the base.
There are 4 standard race-based spells which are the ones used by the vanilla heroes. These spells cost 100 gold per upgrade.

There are also 6 shops placed towards the center of the map. These shops contain other abilities that are not used by the standard heroes within the 4 races.
These spells cost 150 gold per upgrade.

Along the outer edge of the map, there are another 6 shops that contain both familiar and custom abilities, these cost 200 gold per upgrade.

After killing some enemies, you will acquire some wood. Wood is used back at the base in order to build and upgrade units.
The circles represent a slot in which a unit can be made, with the building close by being used to create those units.
Depending on which races you choose in the start, you will here have a barracks and upgrade building associated with the same races.
Again, the units are based on the vanilla game, so understanding how they work should be relatively easy.
If you want to change what is being spawned in a slot, you can replace it by simply building a new building in the associated barracks.

In the upgrade building in the back, you find the various upgrades associated with that race.
The upgrades are the same as found in the vanilla game, though some can be upgraded more than what is normal.

The obelisks are used to upgrade your units and towers. These upgrades apply to all units controlled by your team, so there is no need to consider race specific upgrades.

Once in a while, neutral creatures will spawn around key locations of the map.
The creatures also have a bounty, with the bounty and type of creature changing as the game progresses.
Once spawned, the creatures will move between their spawn location and other locations on the map.

There are 3 shops back at the base. The "Various Items" shop sells stat increasing items as well as other utilities such as orbs to enable ranged attack for flying units.

The "Potions and other stuff" shop sells simple consumables that can be used in a pinch as well as tower items that enables placement of new towers.

The "Book Trader" shop sells stat tomes that you can use to permanently boost the stat of your hero.
It also sells a "Tome of Retraining" which enables you to re-spec your hero and even choose a completely new baseline hero.
Note, however, that the respawn time for you hero increases significantly as the game progresses.

This enables you to counter your enemy team better, as well as re-assigning abilities in late game if your initial abilities are no longer good enough.

Making strategic choices with your hero and unit setup can create interesting synergies and overall give you an advantage over your enemies.
However, simply spamming cheap units early has the consequence that the enemy will get more resources to build their units, so planning ahead is a good idea.

If you end up with a surplus of gold or wood and want to swap it around, you can go to the back of your base and transmute the resource in a 2:1 ratio.

At the back of the base, and at key locations, you can find teleporters to help you get around the map to the different shops.

The portal in the back takes you to a separate area where you find the ultimate ability shop. Once your hero is a high enough level, you can buy an ultimate ability.
The maximum level of a hero is 100 with max level for standard abilities is 10 and max level for ultimate abilities is 3.
Standard abilities can be upgraded each 5 hero levels and ultimate abilities each 25 hero levels.

There are runes placed around the map at key locations. There are 3 types, movement buff, healing buff and mana buff. The runes respawn frequently, so use them to get an edge.

Once you and your units overcome a bases' defences, you have to destroy their castle in order to defeat them. Once all opposing teams' castles have been destroyed, your team wins the game.

[04-09-2016]- V1.16 was released. This is the initial release to the public.

Although this version has more balancing and addition than the remake version, there still are unfinished and unbalanced things in the map.
I would like to improve on this at some point, but i am very busy with more important matters at the moment, but feel free to comment on ideas etc.
as i might get around to it once i have a timeframe i can set aside for it.

Special Thanks

Isramir - For helping out with balancing and designing later iterations of the map.

Feedback to: [email protected] or simply write a comment :)


Headhunters CotR v1.17 (Map)

Level 23
Oct 12, 2008
TLDR Version
- AOS with hero building elements
- Heavy on the army/base customization
- Base can seem cluttered
- This review covers both the classic and updated variants of the map

~ Map Approved

AOS/Hero builder hybrid, strong focus on army/base upgrading.
Personally, I think this map is feature rich and developed enough to be approved. I don't entirely enjoy the game, but then approval simply states that a map is of a certain quality whether or not I enjoy it is irrelevant.

I felt that the remake was slower and less interesting on the army/base development side; it takes a lot longer to reach the first unit/stat upgrade you can purchase.
On the flip side; creep waves also were much more balanced than the classic edition (where the ranged attackers could easily snowball to the point where they formed an unstoppable wave that easily crushed base defenses and all).

If I were to critique the map on any level, it would how the base seems overtly cluttered; there are a lot of buildings and knowing which ones do what (and there are lots of important ones) takes a certain while to get used to. It seems excessive at times how many features there are.
On the other hand you could argue that the large amount of base/army customization creates more depth and strategy.
The game also seemed very "push-strat" oriented, which I though was odd for a map called headhunters. Once again, the argument could also be made that having to split your team roles along PvP vs Siege-oriented heroes is interesting.

Some other gripes
- Grunts have more life than footmen, the team that starts with Grunts are their basic melee troop have an advantage over those than start with footmen.
- The choice to have the healing fountain on one side of the base (ie. noticeably closer to one lane was strange)

From a pure personal enjoyment standpoint, I found the classic edition to more enjoyable. Though that might be because I played it less like a PvP-oriented AOS and more towards farming resources to upgrade my army and then siegeing base in the shortest time possible.
That said, the improved edition is much neater (visually) and more balanced overall; though I find it less fun.