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[Solved] Hashtable do not save

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Level 10
May 28, 2011
I cant find the solution for this problem
I want to save indexA (integer variable) in spell_hashtable (hashtable variable) but it doesn't.
After i load it and display its value. it appear 0.
Is something wrong?


  • Hashtable leak.w3x
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Level 15
Jul 4, 2008
@WaterKnight; Why to waste a trigger to just initialize a Hashtable, when you could just do
// Set Hashtable
if (udg_MyHashtable == null ) then
set udg_MyHashtable = InitHashtable()
// Other setups

If the jass version is too much to understand... I'm writing a CS version.

  • -------- --------
  • Custom script: if ( udg_MyHashtable == null ) then
  • Custom script: set udg_MyHashtable = InitHashtable()
  • Custom script: endif
  • -------- --------
Level 26
Aug 18, 2009
Slightly, it does slow down the game but TC named the hashtable as spell_hashtable, so would assume wants to use it in other spell codes, too, therefore, pasting this everywhere, would create more lines/trash/take space. Besides, you normally also do other things on init, you do not have to use a private trigger for it, or you inject it into main function with jass (if InitHashtable works there).
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