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At johnwar's request, I made recolors for his Grunts pack. Also includes Ujimasa's Grunts and Derivatives(Except Stromgarde Grun atm)

Blackrock variant includes both Ujimasa's and johnwar's version. The Fel Blackrock Grunt can just use the original Chaos Grunt icon, and yes Moknathal Grunt looks like Batman I know

Update: Burning Blade and Frostwolf variant reshaded

BTNBlackrockGrunt (Icon)

BTNBlackrockGrunt(Uji) (Icon)

BTNBurningBladeGrunt (Icon)

BTNBurningBladeGruntAlt (Icon)

BTNChaosGruntB (Icon)

BTNEbonBladeGrunt (Icon)

BTNFrostwolfGrunt (Icon)

BTNFrostwolfGruntAlt (Icon)

BTNMoknathalGrunt (Icon)

BTNOrcFootman (Icon)

BTNWarsongGrunt (Icon)

The Panda
[~] Set to useful, recolor / small edits to existing Warcraft 3 icons and / or Blizzard material.