Ancestral Follower Grunt

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An ability that summons 2 spirit Grunts, that will revive whenever you summon them, with their items and stuff (in my map units can use items, and there are specific items only for units).

#Elden Ring

Ancestral Follower Grunt (Icon)

Great to see Elden Ring inspiring some modding work :D

Also loosely reminds me of that item you could get in the Rexxar Campaign that let you summon 2 Troll Berserkers temporarily

It's inspired on that idea, but as a Hero's innate ability, in my map they have a passive innate ability that can be either active or passive, or both. Some can summon units, or build structures by example.

I thought of making Spirit Grunts and that very much just sounded like the Ancestral Followers from Elden Ring and went along with it.