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some random kind of grunt


grunt, orc, warrior, barabarian

Grunt (Texture)

THE_END: Great realistic..ness? Very nice anyways




THE_END: Great realistic..ness? Very nice anyways
Level 4
Nov 23, 2004
This is what I wanna see... true quality.

Loving the smudge effect you used on the skin.
A tad too much shading on the chest piece though. The darkness of the flesh and the darkness of the metal on the center of the chest dont coincide with the lightning you have portrayed upon the skin.

Same on the Axe blade, gets a little too dark towards the hande.

The fur could have used better shading.

Otherwise, the skin is great.
Level 2
Jul 6, 2004
5/5 it is a great skin good work i couldnt think somone could make a good skin like that :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
Level 3
Nov 14, 2004
now i've just finished having a rant on pins G.H.O.U.L and this is somthing else altogether. this is incredible but i feel its kinda wasted unless the rest of the games critters shared this style, you would have this awesome looking grunt and cartoony trolls and tauren smashing cartoony footman and elves.

otherwise i'm am so completely satisfised with this skin that i cant criticise it technically

i think i might have to have a go at making all the warcraft skins in style in between T.A.F.E. and sculpting orc and elf miniatures, modeling orcs and elves and humns and skinning them and drawing concept sketches and work and plying warcraft and playing lineage2 and ....oh god so much to do and not enough bullets

-i'm going to the special hell-
Level 1
Jan 9, 2005
btw, i would definitely like a high definition makeover, If there are enough skilled skinners who will do this...

This Grunt is a rather nice makeover, i will reploace the old one. well done guy, thx for the skin, 4.5/5
Level 2
Mar 21, 2008

Most things have paths, most of the time skins do not however. Could you please tell me the path to this so I can import right? I've tried Textures/Grunt.blp and Grunt.blp and even units\orc\Grunt\Grunt

Please and thank you.

Sorry for the late post :ugly:

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