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This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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My favorite unit is the grunt so I decided to make a better, higher quality skin for him.

Made to replace original Grunt
Has team colors

grunt, soldier, orc, revamp, reskin, new, warrior, barbarian

Grunt (Texture)

THE_END: Great Grunt mod right here
I really like the additions here and it looks freehand which is a big plus! It also makes for a nice alternative for people wanting a more heavily armoured grunt. However it doesn't fulfill the 75% freehand rule for recommend and so is set to...
Level 3
Jul 2, 2004
Sorry, I've tried a few times to edit out the weapon and failed, using the Alpha out method (probably doing something wrong). If you or anyone else wants to try at editing out the weapon yourself, go ahead. Don't forget to give me credit though.

I may do more higher quality skins. Maybe footman next.
Level 6
Apr 15, 2004
Its not even looks like the original one. It takes less space as Estar said and its for us who dont got a Soviet Computer from the 80's(meaning; we who got money to buy good computers and dont spend them on drugs, prostitutes or penis enlargers). GREAT skin. Atleast I dont have bad eyes and I have played the game not so long ago to tell the difference.
Level 4
Jan 4, 2004
what alien render means is why add it in a map and thus add some more space kb to the total filesize, while the details of improvements are minimal.

Its a good skin, but the changes are minimal that I doubt that some would include it in a map to justify the size increase
Level 4
Aug 11, 2009
The screenshot is the normal, at every single angle. It pains me as I try to not curse. Why is this approved when he has not even shown us any screenshot?

I downloaded it and its great, but &@!#ing seriously, I don't think people want to have to download something just to see it in game.
Level 5
Apr 29, 2015
Best grunt skin, in my opinion, did anyone even notice the new armor?... And the strap on the chest?...