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Greetings community, new editor with a few questions.

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Level 2
Jan 21, 2015
Hello there, a friend of mine recently got me into using the Warcraft Editor and I must say it's absolutely fantastic, and addicting! However, I realize I'm about ten years late with regards to the subject so excuse my ignorance when it comes to basic understanding of the features.

I was told to visit this site in particular, and I visit almost everyday now since I started, which was roughly less than a week ago. The amount of knowledge people have here inside and outside of the editor is intimidating but the array of information available is excellent.

So I started my own map, and I'm trying to keep it small and mostly featureless for this first one. I've done a decent job so far in the realm of what I'm capable, but I've run into a snag and I can't seem to figure this one out.

I'd like to have the only build-able structure I have available on my map to be build-able only in specific spots of my choosing (these spots never change location during the course of the game)

A few points to note that I've tried so far:

-Making the building Undead and build-able on blight - I didn't like this option because of how 'neat' the map is I suppose you could say, and the erratic spreading nature of the blight is not suitable for me.

-Making the building build-able only on certain pathing - ie: air path-able, ground path-able. I wanted to use this option but because of necessary pathing near the area of the building this is not possible regardless of the pathing option selected.

-Setting up a trigger to allow the specific building to be built within that region only, and nowhere outside the region would the construction be possible, I also would prefer only one of these buildings capable of being built at a time within that region. This is the option I would like to take the most, but I cannot seem to set it up in a manner that makes sense unfortunately.

I've tried to locate a similar question within the site and I suppose I'm just not asking the right things.

Please be aware I have almost no ability within any external programs or coding, and that this is my first time doing anything like this, but I'd like to think that I have decent logical understanding so if someone could help me design a trigger or alternative set-up within the boundaries of the editor I would definitely appreciate it, thanks.
Level 5
Jan 5, 2012
If I understand correctly, you want a trigger to check if your building is built in a specific region(in my trigger it's named Build Region). A simple trigger would be like this :

  • Build
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit Begins construction
    • Conditions
      • (Build Region <gen> contains (Constructing structure)) Equal to False
    • Actions
      • Unit - Remove (Constructing structure) from the game
You can also refund the resources it costs, tell if you need more help :)
Level 24
Aug 1, 2013
I started with only using the object editor (and import manager) to edit maps for about 2 years before I went to the trigger section.

I must say that it is worth to learn everything step by step.
I dont tell you to leave the trigger editor for 2 years but you could try to learn everything that is in the object editor and terrain editor first.

After that, triggering things like this will be much easier to do.

If you learn fast you could try and trigger additional effects that should occur on some events too.

I bet that you didn't look at the "Pathing - Placement Prevented By" and "Pathing - Placement Requires"
Level 14
Nov 17, 2010
I did the same as wietol. I experimented with the object editor (actually the campaign editor) and learned about abilities, units, items, etc. It taught me a lot about the different fields and what they mean. I remember learning about adding abilities to items for the first time and went crazy with it and thought I did some neat things. Then I saw some custom spells here on the hive and was in awe of what was possible with triggers.

Be sure to check out the tutorial section too. I learned a lot by looking through those. They become much easier to understand the more you tinker with the editor too.

Anyways, glad you are here! Good luck!
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