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Greece (v1.8d)

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Greece is a free alliance strategy game that takes place in Ancient Greece in the time before the Peloponnesian War. There are 17 playable factions in a 12 player lobby located around the Greek peninsula and Aegean Sea. Forge alliances, invest in your economy and counter your opponent's armies to conquer Greece.

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The map was originally created and maintained by Fluff, but since version 1.3 has been updated solely by EagleMan#1371.

Players can freely pick their faction at the start of the game. These factions are:

Special Units: Spartan Hoplite, Hippeus​
Special Units: Athenian Trireme, Diplomat​
Special Units: Argonaut, Argive Galley​
Special Units: Theban Sacred Band, Boeotarch Confederate​
Special Units: Epirote Nomad, Indian War Elephant​
Special Units: Macedonian Cavalry, Macedonian Pikeman​
Special Units: Thessalian Light Cavalry, Myrmidon​
Special Units: Cretan Archer, Cretan Pirate Ship​
Special Units: Immortal, Persian War Elephant​
Special Units: Thracian Warband, Thracian Mercenary​
Special Units: Rhodian Slinger, Rhodian Raider​
Special Units: Trojan Hoplite, Trojan Peltast​
Special Units: Corinthian Hoplite, Bacchiadae Clansman​
Special Units: Naxian Standard-Bearer, Naxian Trireme​
Special Units: Pergamene Scholar, Pergamene Archer​
Special Units: Corfiot Spearman, Phylarchus​
Special Units: Olympian, Elean Cavalry​

View the changelog (which automatically updates as I edit the map) here. Unit statistics and information can be viewed here.

Greece, Fluff, EagleMan, GoTE, Diplo, Diplomunion, Diplomacy, Greek, Ancient, Aegean

Greece (v1.8d) (Map)

16:22, 1st Sep 2015 StoPCampinGn00b: Owner changed from Fluff to EagleMan.
Level 7
Apr 13, 2009
Great map, it's like Gmail, it's been great for a long time and finally came out of beta. The game is very minimalist but excels with what it has, making for a great experience and a change of pace from other strategy maps that try to slam everything possible into it.
Level 18
Aug 3, 2008
grat map. loveed it .

a few things to fix are :

-The ballista cant attack trees for some reason. even with the upgrade.
-Make it more single player friendly, add AI, and make "creeps" stronger as the game progresses.
-More farmland. there was very little to start with.
Level 3
Oct 1, 2009
I have been waiting for this game my whole life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOO!!! THX FLUFF FOR UPDATING THE MAP!! I LOVE THIS GAME!
Level 4
Jul 11, 2007
There are a couple things I need to fix (like some tooltips that give incorrect values), but I'm not in a huge hurry to get a new version out right now.
Level 4
Apr 7, 2010
oh and add like building walls since greece cites had walls like if you dont have a wall it wasn't a city but juist make it that you can build walls

well not all city states, sparta didnt have any until proven painfully otherwise, because they simply didnt need em and im not to sure about macedonia and so, however havign the option to put walls in might be troubleseme with the alredy cramped space in some areas of the maps.. but it would be interesting if done correctly... :)
Level 1
Jun 17, 2008
The map is really fun, i enjoyed so you 5/5. My only request for this map in the next version is that you add AI just to make it friendly for singleplayer.
Level 28
Apr 6, 2010
I liked it, but there were a few minor points that could be improved, such as removing the level 5 experience block with neutral troops, increasing the range on siege weapons, and maybe some way of removing trees more efficiently.

And a tiny one, the archer sounds like a Night Elf archer when dying (though that might be a model issue).
Level 12
Oct 19, 2008
Stumbled across this map on Battle.net with Fingolfin, must say it's very original!

Very simple yet strategic and fun, also a very small filesize. Very creative ideas in this one. Like the well made tooltips for armor and attacks as much as I liked the idea of the temples and priests bonuses.

Great map!
Level 2
Jan 4, 2012
-Crossing the island's with Boat Carrier is
too complicated specially with a number 1~0 batch of troops

- a larger map ( optional because for me the bigger the greater )
- the cavalry with splash ( Sparkle Thing )
- Naval Units is too imba
- Tower is too weak
- What's the use of Heroes Inventory? (2 slot)
- What is the use of invulnerable Footman at the Bottom Left of the Ocean?
That was the thing i notice on the game
but totally it is a great game better than FOTN for me :D
Level 4
Jul 11, 2007
Hello. I just wanted to let everyone know that EagleMan is updating this map now. Besides adding walls to the game, he's doing a great job.

If the mods would allow him to update this thread, that would be great.

Thank you very much to The Hive for a tremendous, positive experience for the last decade.

Level 32
Apr 2, 2013
Hello. I just wanted to let everyone know that EagleMan is updating this map now. Besides adding walls to the game, he's doing a great job.

If the mods would allow him to update this thread, that would be great.

Thank you very much to The Hive for a tremendous, positive experience for the last decade.

Oops, sorry for the wait.

Owner changed to EagleMan.

Walls? I love the walls.
Level 22
Dec 4, 2007
I just played this for 2 hours, back and forth allying and a 50+ sized Rhodes was daring the crush the western nations (me as spartan, argos, athen etc).

It was good fun, but some balancing seems weird:

1) What is cavalry good for, once the enemy has heavy infantry (cavalrists cost 2 times the food!)
2) Spartian Hoplites didn't come to shine at all against masses of heavy infantry + peltasts (deal bonus damage against hoplites) - maybe special units need a buff
3) You might wanna think about preventing players from setting up barracks behind enemy lines/near enemy structures - spaming units without end

Anyway, it's a good rts map. I think 4/5 is a fair rating
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