Grasping Tentacle

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A grasping tentacle, springing from the shadows to ensnare its target and fail it about.

Modelled and animated from scratch. Uses three variations of ingame textures.
This effect is designed to utilize the Sprite First Ref attachment and to work particularly with abilities based off Cyclone.
For this reason the Death sequence is 5 seconds (the game's hardcoded like that).

All open source. Feel free to modify to your liking. Credits will do fine.

Note: On patch 1.29 there seems to be a bug with the Cyclone ability, where casting it on a moving target will freeze the tornado (or tentacle) effect after its Birth animation and only resume once the Death animation begins.

Grasping Tentacle (Model)

Grasping Tentacle 2 (Model)

Grasping Tentacle 3 (Model)

Level 18
Mar 28, 2015

It is a model truly worthy for a boss battle with a Forgotten One or even with Yogg-Saron!!
Level 31
May 25, 2007
by this you are addressing the fact that setting the Duration to less than 6 seconds this happens right?
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Basically yeah.
With a duration of less than 6 sec like your example you get the Birth (1 sec) sequence, one or two Stand (2 secs each) sequences, then it abruptly cuts.
With a duration of exactly 6 sec you only get the Birth (1 sec) and Death (5 sec) sequences.
With a duration of more than 6 sec you get Birth, a few Stands and Death.

Cyclone is a weird ability like that. Essentially it will devote 5 seconds of its duration to the death animation and skip it entirely if the duration is less.

I might be wrong of course and there may be a way to work around it, potentially with gameplay constants and such.