[Import] Graphic: Bugged Improted Texture

Level 6
Jan 8, 2013

first thank that u read my thread.

And now i will describe the problem i got:

When i try to import Bigger WoW models (buildings or bigger Trees for example) the textures gets bugged. It looks "streched" (see the pictures below)

I tried to fix the problems by myself, but as closer i got to fix the problem, as more strange it become:

1. It seems not the texture is bugged, it seems the model itself is bugged. (proof: Even Textures from Wc3 got "streched" on the model)
2. Strangly, in MDLvis the textures get, displayed correctly (see Picture one)
3. In the Wc3 Model Editzor (aka Mangos Editor) it gets bugged
4. ingame it is shown bugged. (see picture two)
5. it is completly irrelevant if the WoW model was a .M2 model or a .WMO, only models who are taller then a sepcial size get bugged.
6. Simular Models which were ripped by other persons works perfectly.

now the pictures:

Picture one:
a Exampel Model as it should look like (for testing reasons i used here only one texture, but this is totally irrelevant i could also how u a full textures example)


Picture Two:
the model from Picture one as it is shown ingame


Since there is no kind of Guide to rip theese kind of models for Wc3, but maybe it would be usefull if i explain what i did.

i used the folloing software: WoWmodel Viewer(WMV), MyWarcraft Studio, MDLvis, Mangos Model Editor, BLPlap.

1. I exported the Textures from WMV to a folder (via Milkshape or Wavefront but at both exporting options the textures get bugged)
2. I export the Model (.m2)via. My Warcraft Studio
3. I convert the textures via BLPlap (batch converter) into BLP files.
4. I open the .m2 in MDLvis and do not change anything, and save it as .mdx
5. I add Textures to the model in Mangos. (as i add the Textures they got displayed streched)
6. as said above when i re open now the model again in MDLvis the textures get displayed CORRECTLY
7. when i use it now ingame it is bugged.

I analysed every step and i really can not see what i am doing wrong :S