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Golden Staff of the Sin'dorei by chilla_killa

This my new attachment model:

Golden Staff of the Sin'dorei, a staff of World of Warcraft.
This is how it looks in WOW:


I made it from scratch in Milkshape 3D and it uses only ingame textures and some nice green glow effects.

Attach it to "right hand" or "left hand".
Please give me credits for my work if you use it in your map/campaign.
Of course you may edit it in size, rotation and position.

Have fun with it.


WOW, Golden Staff of the Sin'dorei, World of Warcraft, RPG, attachment, atachment, staff

Golden Staff of the Sin'dorei by chilla_killa (Model)

11:37, 3rd Jan 2010 General Frank: Cool. I approve.
Level 8
Apr 16, 2008
Looks pretty cool, but the wood-ish part (not really wood, but you know) could be better and the end needs more detail.
Level 3
Nov 25, 2009
Wow..... Chilla Killa, do you have some sort of natural talent towards WoW attachment modelling? LOL. Its cool!