Goblin Grenadier

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Goblins are always known to kill themselves. Actually that comment is totally irrelevent but I like it.

Seriously, goblins in War3 community were always the "Hero" type, the "High poly so no one can mass" type, and the "hey lets remake exn and cookie's model and give him a hat instead". This one isnt that much different BUT! It is a low poly artillery unit (ZOMG)! Goblin Grenadiers can now shoot flak, sheeps, missiles, mortar, cows, Dubya, Rick james and whatever from their back cannons! JOIN TEH GREEN ONES!

About the skin - The pants and stuff are from Exn's praetorian, the shirt is done by me

goblin grenadier

Goblin Grenadier (Model)

Chriz.: There you go. Approved.
this is one of the most amusing models iv ever seen.
he looks neat, but honestly, hand attachment points would be nice becuz then u could add all kinds of things,from idel bombs to guns to eny spell art like blood lust or fire. chest attachmentpoint wouldent be too bad either as then u could add eny thing from the banshees curse art as some random self added buff for this goblin unit (this unit has DEATH TO AMEREEEKA buff, it deals 500% damae to amercians.. idk).

other wise without the attachment poitns, its a 6/10 easy, could be a 7 or even a 8 with just attachment points! it truely is epic.
Level 3
Aug 6, 2014
Where a portrait should be there is a looping animation of his "spell" which is just him dying, it's annoying and makes the model undesirable for me. It is good otherwise, 2/5 for me because of this issue.