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Glaive Thrower

This bundle is marked as high quality. It exceeds standards and is highly desirable.
Heavily inspired by both the reforged Glaive thrower and the Wow Glaive Thrower, the gold color never made sense to me since nelves are supposed to be reclusive and sneak and for me the gold was just too much of a give away for their usual guerilla battle tactics, so I decided to invert the color, making silver the more dominant color while putting the golds mostly on the trims.

Skin Path: Textures\GlaiveThrower.blp

note: I do not have access to the game anymore, nor I plan to get my hands on the game again, so I won't be able to provide in-game screenshots personally, although if someone tests my skins and sends sc of it in-game, the I would gladly post it, with consent of course.

Glaive Thrower


Glaive Thrower (Texture)