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Ghostly Confusion GUI MUI v1.15 -Yixx,,-

This is some spell i once started but didnt finish because of problems.
Now i relooked at it and i thought: What the heck was the problem again?
So i remade it and now it works =),,

Credits to Paladon for MUI GUI Triggering!
Credits to Paladon for Creep Respawn!
Credits to Dark Destiny for Test Map!

v1.00 Uploaded
v1.10 Removed some leaks, updated effect
v1.15 Updated Effect, removed food usage of Ghosts :grin:

Ghost Ghostly Confusion Confuse summon portal dead damned rider OMGLOL

Spell Test Map (Map)

21:32, 4th Mar 2009 Hanky: Advice: 5 points are the highest rating and 1 point is the lowest rating. Documentation: 5 Visual Effects: 3 Triggering: 4 Idea: 4 Total: The spell is ok, there are just some small things in the...




21:32, 4th Mar 2009

Rating Points
Advice: 5 points are the highest rating and 1 point is the lowest rating.

Documentation: 5
Visual Effects: 3
Triggering: 4
Idea: 4


Rating Comment

The spell is ok, there are just some small things in the triggering that are wrong like one double free and sometimes useless nullifying, but else all is fine. The spell seems to be leakless and MUI. The use of effects could be better, but it's still ok. Else all seems to be fine.

All in all a good simple spell which I just can recommend to use if you search a GUI spell like this.
Advice: If you didn't understood my rating or if you maybe have questions because you don't know how to fix bugs or leaks etc. You can always send a private message to me. I will answer as soon I got time.
Level 19
Aug 24, 2007
too much complicated
other enemies dont spin just the one you targeted
Not so useful for anytype of map
I didnt like the idea
Level 16
Oct 12, 2008
It is a spell i made out of confusion:thumbs_up:,,
nah, i just felt like redoing the spell,, i came up with the idea a long time ago,,
but had problems with the unit group,,
But: what do you think about the triggering?
Is it:
1) Bad, really bad
2) Could be done easier/better
3) Normal
4) Good triggering!
5) Omg! Amazing!
tell me plz ^^

EDIT:: Oh, and any bugs/leaks found??

(I know sometimes the riders walk strange, but that is nothing i can fix)
Oh, and the tooltip is fine, you confuse your enemy, but make all units around spin
So: HIM = target,, Them = Units around target, including target, that will be spinned
Level 35
Feb 5, 2009
Hm... I think it's spectacular triggering, but I'm inclined to agree with the idea that it can't really be used for any sort of map. However, having a band of ghostly knights running through a spinning target seemed to strike a chord with me, and I love how they deal damage as they pass through. It's little op for any sort of a map (never has a Lich pwned so much :p), but the trigger work is undeniably great. I'd give the trigger work a 4, keeping in mind that this spell isn't really designed for any specific map. So long as it looks good, does it really need to be for a map? And who knows, someone might find a use for it. It could make a decent Ultimate ability XD.
Level 16
Oct 12, 2008
Does any of you guys have to say something good about the spell itself and the idea of it?
Besides that the triggering is ok, any bugs or so? I would like to know how to improve it, the effects, the triggering, you know?
Thanks for comments anyway! :grin:

Level 14
Jan 15, 2007
Ok I checked your spell, the following:

- you leak in the trigger "GC Cast" several locations
- every group variable you use in GUI have at the begin one group, so you will leak one time a group, it's not that bad but just that you know it
- please make the demo trigger also leakfree
- you don't need to nullify integers or reals
- the effects could be done better maybe some effects above the victim that it looks confused or something

That's all for now, leave a visitor message when you fixed those points.
Level 16
Oct 12, 2008
1) Tau! Why didnt i see that?
2) I have bad experiences with Destroying Global Group variables, the three groups that are used all leak only 1 time right?
3) Done, srry for that
4) I do that to be sure they are zero and ready to be used next time the same array is used. Will that affect the score?
5) I suck at effects, but i made some effects now

Ok, ill post the visitor message =)